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Player vs. Player

PvP (Player versus Player) - refers to fights between players - duels, tournaments, etc. In Fragoria there are special PvP-locations in which battles between characters are permitted.

For convenience in PvP battles there are some PvP-modes which are switched by pressing the button to the right of spell hotkeys (center bottom of screen).

Peace mode - the character at all does not attack other characters. Free mode - the character will attack all other characters. Group mode - the character will attack all other characters except for those who consists in one group with it. Guild mode - the character will attack all other characters except for those who consists in one guild with it. Only malicious - the character will attack only Characters.

Regular PvP Map Locations

The following map locations are places you might visit on a regular basis, but are PvP-enabled. So use caution when traveling and be aware of other players in the area (switch your chat to "near chat" and you will see on the player list who is in the current map).

Carawan Way

Sea Forest

Northern Mountains

Frost Town

Frost Plato


In the city of Fragotown there is special PvP a zone - Arena. It is presented by the round closed arena on which there is not enough place for movings. On arena two characters having a difference on levels. Having exposed the character on duel and having waited the opponent, you need to make preliminary rates on an outcome of duel. To generate prize-winning fund which is received by the winner. On arena the opportunity to make the rate on "death" of fights also is given to spectators of fights.

Idol Games

Reward = Idols that give special boosts to the entire server.

Your teammates are your fellow server players (we are in English Wessex, or simply EN server). So help them to acquire "idols" which will benefit all of EN server if obtained.

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Subscription/Mini games

Reward = Golden Signs

Your teammates are whoever is assigned to your group. However, if you'd like to team with other EN players, you may form a group beforehand, and join "as a group".

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Boss Events

Reward = Purple Signs

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