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To increase the power and efficiency of your skills, it is essential to keep your skills on level with your character's level. Therefore you need to frequently apply new skill books as you level up. This guide will lead you through the Fragorian book system.

Skill Book Information

Low-Level Books

These books are available from character level 1 to level 70, and just like every item they have a color according to their rarity:

Green -> Blue -> Gold -> Purple

Green books can be purchased in the Fragotown and Fragoville bookstores. The other color rarities can be crafted by a Witcher. Certain books can be dropped from dungeon/cave elites/bosses too.

To apply low level books, the only rule to follow, is that it must be higher in quality. E.g: If you have a green skill grade 2 you can use a purple book grade 5, but you can't use a grade 1 purple book. Furthermore, grade level supercedes color rarity in quality. To exemplify that concept, here is a list of books ordered from lower to higher quality:

  • Grade 3 Green
  • Grade 3 Blue
  • Grade 3 Gold
  • Grade 3 Purple
  • Grade 4 Green
  • Grade 4 Blue
  • Grade 4 Gold
  • Grade 4 Purple
  • Grade 5 Green
  • and so on...

An easy way to determine if a book is considered a "low-level book", is to see if the book is offered in the Fragotown/Fragoville bookstore.

High-Level Books

These books are available from lvl 70+ and colored orange. There are three kind of high lvl books you need to know about:

  • 400-Resources Books
  • Chest Books
  • Epic Books

To apply these books you need to follow a strict order:

Max Low-Level Book -> 400 Resources Book -> Chest Book -> Epic Book

Max(-Grade) Low-Level Book

To apply high lvl books you need to have the highest-grade low-level book possible in purple rarity already applied. E.g. if your 400-Resources Book is Grade 7, you need to have this skill in Grade 6 purple applied.

To find out what the max low-level book is for a particular spell, go to the bookstores in Fragotown/Fragoville, and search for the highest grade being sold there. That grade is considered the "Max Low-Level Book".

400-Resources Book

These books can be crafted for 400 Ruby, 400 Rhodium, 400 Silk, and 400 Papyrus (which is why it's known as the "400-Resources Book"). You need a char with at least level 70 that has Witcher profession at level 76 (Craftsman) or greater.

Chest Books

These are the most common high level books. You get them by buying the 4000-emerald chests in minigames, or from the golden alliance chest. Often these books can be bought from other players at a rather cheap price.

Epic Books

These books can be obtained only in alliance events. They occur nearly daily in the Caravan Way or Thule.

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