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image:Forest.pngForest Ranger is an interesting profession involving collecting woods, flowers and grass found on fragoria lands and Carawan Way. Th resources are needed to variety of recipes from Recipe Crafting professions

How to get the profession

  • Approach Forest Rangers and Alchemist NPC in Fragotown OR Open Character profile, open Skill's TAB, click on "Learn Profession"
  • Buy the tool from the NPC to start collecting ranger's resources
  • Collect resources to advance in the skill lvl
  • Once the currect skill lvl is complete, Open "Learn Profession" under skill TAB, and select next stage/skill lvl of your profession.

Skill stages Ranger NCP location Collecting Ability How to advance
Trainee Fragoville Green resources Collecting Green resources will increase skill 25/25
Apprentice Fragotown at Artisans Country Blue resources Collecting Blue resources will increase skill 50/50
Handworker Craftman Union Store, Fragotown Gold resources Collecting Gold will increase skill 75/75
Craftman Frost Town Purple resources Collecting Purple resources will increase skill 99/99


Head of Forest Rangers and his belongings
Head of Forest Rangers Table Tool
Head of Forest Rangers
image:Table1.png Image:Woodcutter.jpg Ordinary

Forest Ranger's Resources and its Locations

Tanner Resources
Green Blue Gold Purple Garbage
image:Forest1.png Pine image:Forest3.png Spruce image:Forest5.png Birch image:Forest9.png Oak image:Forest6.png Grass
image:Forest2.png Plantain image:Forest4.png John's wort image:Forest10.png Sap image:Forest11.png Papyrus image:Forest7.png Twigs
image:Forest8.png Jute image:Forest12.png Flax image:Forest13.png Cotton image:Forest14.png Silk
image:Forest15.png Life Spirit image:Forest16.png Life Power image:Forest18.png Life Essence image:Forest19.png Life Entity
Locations Locations Locations
  • Red caves

(respawn every

2 hours)


respawn every 2

hours and some

every 45 mins

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