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2019 Spring FestivalAbandoned BonekeepAbilities
AchievementsAdobe Flash Player for FragoriaAdvanced Leveling: 71+
AlchemistAlliance WarAlliances
AmmunitionAmmunition RecipesAppearance of the Character
AuctionsAugmentation RuneBaba Yaga: Sister Gorgulia
Beginner CraftBerserk
Black CemeteryBlacksmithBlade Runner
Bone Horse BikeBring 100 Golden Athlete's MedallionsBring 100 Green Athlete's Medallions
Bring 10 Blue Athlete's MedallionsBring 10 Golden Athlete's MedallionsBring 10 Green Athlete's Medallions
Bring 10 Purple Athlete's MedallionsBring Blue Athlete's MedallionBring Golden Athlete's Medallion
Bring Green Athlete's MedallionBring Purple Athlete's MedallionBrowser Settings
Calculate Emeralds Cost Via Paypal in Other CurrenciesCaravan Way Resource Respawn
Carawan WayCastle-2Character
Character CreationCharmed RingChat
ClassesCold medicine
Cool quassCopper MountainCubical occlusion
CurrencyDaily RewardsDeath and resurrection
DebtorDiamond protectorDungeon of Strigoi
DungeonsEaster EventEastern Track
Editing Unity3D ConfigurationsEfficiencyExperience Table
FairFeast of the Red MonkeyFedotych: Hairy Wolf Cubs
Fedotych: Monsters in the Peat MineFedotych: Scary RottensFedotych: Sharp-beak roosters
Fields of MisfortuneFighting in the Game
Fire SpellweaverFirst Steps in the Game
Flower funForest Ranger
Fourth Trade Guild QuestsFragoshaFragotown
Fragotown: Town TavernFragovilleFront-line Soldier
Frost PlateauFrost Town: Dragon's remaindersFrostville
Frostville: Dragon's ToothFurs from ToptyginGates of Night
Gear score color tableGem of Chance
Grandmother's CaveGraphics Settings
Grey ProblemsGroupsGuilds
Holiday Jackpots 2015/2016Holy WarHow to Create New Wiki Quest Pages
How to Take ScreenshotsHromniceHunter
HyperboreaIce SpellweaverIdols
ImageImproved Pets
Into the depth for the necklaceIntrusive bears
Island of ThuleItem ImprovementItem Reforging
Item UpgradeItem lvl increasing or decreasingItems
JewellerJewellingKamlanty: Evil Bones by the Lighthouse
Kikimora's Lair
KnightKonopathy: Charmed herbsKonung's Tomb
Koshey's StashLast StandLaws of Fragoria
Legend of FragoriaLet bygones be bygones...Locations/Maps
Lost House of MonstersLottery Jackpots
Lucky StarMagicianMail
Main PageMayhemMiddle Land
Mirrored itemsMonsters
NPCs by RegionNavy YardNesting Doll
Northern Mountain MushroomsNutsOre Miner
Pereumov's StoragePets: Owner of Dragon Factory in Fragotown
Pets - common informationPinecone
Poisoned SpringPostmanPotion for godfather
Potion from YagaPremium AccountPreventive strike
Prison of Ancient GodsProtection for hawkerPvP/PvE Games Review
PvP/Pve Boss EventsQuests
Racing SledRare tails
Raspberry Bush
RequirementsResurrectorReturn the treasury
Revenge for insultRobber's VaultRobbers camp
Sap of the AncientsSavage DensScroll of teleport
Sea ForestSecure the plotSemiprecious protector
Setting FlashSeverogorye/Northern MountainShadow hound
Shadow valeShamanShop
SignsSkill BooksSkill degradation
Smashdown VillageSoldier
SorcererSouth Stronghold
Spring FestivalSpyStolen Samover
StrongmanTank BreakthroughTanner
Teleport Scrolls
Terror RoomTestTest1
Test HideTheCastleThe Castle
The Castle PantryThe First Steps in the GameThe yard of the Red Witch
Three FlagsThule - Battle for Cash
Thule - World EvilTracert
TravellerTypes of PetsUnderwater Temple
Update 2011 - Subscription SystemUsing the Hotkey BarValentine's Day
Victory DayVillage: About Baba YagaVillage: Visit Chronicler
Village: greetings to Maj.WarriorWeekend Double Experience Event
Western LandWhat is PVPWhite Sun Event
White Worm LairWinter CastleWitch's Circle
Witch's WorkshopWitch GorguliyaWitcher
WizardWizard BeyvodaWizard Beyvoda :robbery at road
Wolf's LairWood problemWorld Evil

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