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image:Ore_Miners.pngOre Miner is a profession which involves mainly collecting rock and different kinds of minerals. It is one of the enjoyable professions to learn and receive interesting resources.

To get the profession, approach Head of Ore Miners in Fragoville or Fragotown.


Head of Ore Miners and his belongings
Head of Ore Miners Table Tool
Head of Ore Miners
image:Table3.png image:Axe.jpg Ordinary

Ore Miner's Resources

Green Blue Gold Purple Garbage
image:Miners1.png Tin image:Miners2.png Iron image:Miners3.png Titan image:Miners4.png Mithril image:Miners10.png Sand
image:Miner5.jpg Coal image:Miners6.png Sulphur image:Miners7.png Chrome image:Miners8.png Adamantit image:Miners11.png Unprocessed ore
image:Miners9.png Copper image:Miners12.png Silver image:Miners13.png Platinum image:Miners14.png Rhodium ---
image:Miners15.png Chrysolite image:Miners16.png Saphir image:Miners17.png Gold image:Miners18.png Ruby ---

Location of resources

  • Green: Middle land, Southern Stronghold, Western land, Eastern tract
  • Blue: Green dungeons, Sea forest, Northern Mountain, Frost town, Frost ville
  • Gold: All red caves
  • Purple: Carawan Way; pathway and mine
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