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image:Magicians.png Magician is a profession that cannot be neglected. It is required in important recipes. Its the only profession that collects liquid materials earthy materials.

How to get the profession

  • Approach Magicians and Jewelers NPC in Fragoville OR Open character profile, TAB Skill, Click on "Learn Profession"
  • Get the tool from the NPC and start collecting
  • Collecting resources advances the skill lvl of the profession

Skill stages Magician NCP location Collecting Ability How to advance
Trainee Fragoville Green resources Collecting Green resources will increase skill 25/25
Apprentice Fragotown at Artisans Country Blue resources Collecting Blue resources will increase skill 50/50
Handworker Craftman Union Store, Fragotown Gold resources Collecting Gold will increase skill 75/75
Craftman Frost Town Purple resources Collecting Purple resources will increase skill 99/99


Head of Magicians Table Tool Resource Location
Magicians and Jewelers
image:Table2.png Image:Flask.jpg Ordinary
Mini map view of resource location
  • image:Resource.png Sign of resource location
  • Golden Plan holders see all resources on a map

Magician's Resources and its Locations

Magicians Resources
image:Magician1.png Earth Spirit image:Magician2.png Earth Power image:Magician3.png Earth Essence image:Magician4.png Earth Entity image:Magician10.png Dirty water
image:Magician5.png Air Spirit image:Magician6.png Air Power image:Magician7.png Air Essence image:Magician8.png Air Entity image:Magician11.png Spoiled resin
image:Magician9.png Water Spirit image:Magician12.png Water Power image:Magician13.png Water Essence image:Magician14.png Water Essence
image:Magician15.png Fire Spirit image:Magician16.png Fire Power image:Magician17.png Fire Essence image:Magician18.png Fire Entity
Locations Locations Locations
  • Red caves

Respawns every

2 hours


Respawn every

2 hours


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