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image:Tanners.pngTanner is the far most exciting and difficult profession of all. Its resources involve extracting them from dead animals rather collecting it from field resources.

Difficult profession because you need to kill monsters to gather them. Furthermore, the dropped resources are random. They do not drop in rotations. More to it, at Craftman stage of Tanner skill, the purple resources are gathered by killing strong lvl 35 bears in Carawan Way! These bears are stronger than usual lvl 35 monsters in Sea forest.


To get the profession

Approach Tanner and Beastmaster in Fragoville or Click on Select New Skill icon in the Character profile page under Skill tab

There are 4 stages of tanner profession's skill; starting with Trainee.

Skill stages Tanner NCP location Collection Ability How to advance
Trainee Fragoville Green tanner resources Collection Green resources will increase skill till 25/25
Apprentice Fragotown at Artisans Country Blue tanner resources Collection Blue resources will increase skill till 50/50
Handworker Craftman Union Store, Fragotown Gold tanner resources Collection Gold will increase skill till 75/75
Craftman Frost Town Purple resources Collection Purple resources will increase skill to 99/99


Master of Tanners and his belongings
Tanner and Beastmaster Table Tool
Tanners and Beastmaster
image:Table.png Image:Knifes.jpg Ordinary

Tanners Resources

Tanner Resources
image:Tanner1.png Thin Leather image:Tanner2.png Dense Leather image:Tanner3.png Hard Leather image:Tanner4.png Oak Leather
image:Tanner5.png Dry Meat image:Tanner6.png Wiry Leather image:Tanner7.png Big Joint image:Tanner8.png Perfect Tenderloin
image:Tanner9.png Discolored Fur image:Tanner10.png Worm Fur image:Tanner11.png Steel Fur image:Tanner12.png Crystal Fur
image:Tanner13.png Raw Leather image:Tanner14.png Leather Sheet image:Tanner15.png Parchment image:Tanner16.png Vellun
Locations Locations Locations
  • Red caves

Identifying Tanner's Mobs

While moving in different lands, the mini map will show marks of monsters that will drop Tanner resources. Obviously, the character will have to be Tanner to view them.

  • There is no relationship between monsters/mobs lvl and character lvl.
  • Each mob groups drop random resources.. ranging frm 0-3 drops/mob group
  • Carawan Way Bears that drop purple resources are lvl 35, stronger than usual 35 mobs..(so you need to have good armor with good pet to kill them)
  • Players with Golden Plan can see the location of resources of whole map
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