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Head of Tanners & Beastermaster

Beastmasters create everything for pets: keys, cocoons of certain pets, food, Veles potion, slot opening potions, etc etc.

Quest Items

Items required for crafting are obtained by completing the following quests. Dragon Tears are profession items used in crafting, whereas the Trainee, Apprentice, Handworker, Craftsman Books are used to level the profession from 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, and 76+ respectively.

Location: Northern Mountains (78/-68)

Dragon Tears

Dragon Tears

Quest NPC: Tanner and Beastmaster of Fragotown

Quest Objective: Find Dragon mustard in Northern Mountain

Quest Item: Dragon mustard

Item Location: Northern Mountains (78/-68)

Leveling the Profession

Location: Middle Land (-150/196)

Trainee - Missing Tools of Beastmaster

Profession Levels 1-25

Quest: Missing tools of Beastmaster

Location: Middle Land (-150/196)

Reward: Green beastmaster skill book

Location: Sea Forest (-119/-196)

Apprentice - Wool Leaf

Profession Levels 26-50

Quest: Mission for Apprentice: Wool Leaf

Location: Sea Forest (-119/-196)

Reward: Blue beastmaster skill book

Location: Frost Town (-6/-173)

Handworker - Claw of the Frost Town Bear

Profession Levels 51-75

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Claw of Bear of Frost Town

Location: Frost Town (-6/-173)

Reward: Gold beastmaster skill book

Location: Caravan Way (North Area)

Craftsman - Ancient Script

Profession Levels 76-99

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Ancient Script

Location: Caravan Way (North Area)

Reward: Purple Beastmaster skill book


Beastmaster, Trainee Upgrade Gems Resources (Profession Levels 1-25) Dragon Tears
Set of Baby Pet Experience Potion 50x Tin 50x Dry Meat
Usual Pet's Meal 50x Plantain 50x Dry Meat
Awakener 50x Tin 50x Life Spirit
Set of Pet Health Potions 30x Life Spirit 30x Dry Meat
Emerald Book Chest of Pet 110x Coal 110x Raw Leather
Pet Experience Accelerator 30% 50x Air Spirit 50x Dry Meat 2
Beastmaster, Apprentice Upgrade Gems Resources (Profession Levels 26-50) Dragon Tears
Good Pet’s Meal 1 John’s-Wort Wiry Meat
Set of Pet Health Potions 1 50x Life Power 50x Wiry Meat
Sapphire Book Chest of Pet 1 130x Sulphur 130x Leather Sheet 5
Pet Experience Accelerator 50% 1 70x Air Power 70x Wiry Meat 5
Magic Cocoon 1 290x Sapphire 290x Leather Sheet 5
Set of Keys for Pet Coupling 1 700x Earth Power 700x Iron 10
Catalyst 1 700x Silver 700x Dense Leather 5
Beastmaster, Handworker Upgrade Gems Resources (Profession Levels 51-75) Dragon Tears
Great pet's meal 1 90x Sap 90x Big Sirloin 1
Set of health potions of pet 1 70x Life essence 70x Big Sirloin 1
Golden book chest of pet 1 150x Chrome 150x Parchment 10
Good potion of baby pet's experience 1 90x Earth essence 90x Big Sirloin 3
Pet experience accelerator 100% 1 80x Air Essence 80x Big Sirloin 10
Warrior's potion 1 550x Fire Essence 550x Gold 15
Magic potion 1 550x Air Essence 550x Platinum 15
Accelerator of pet birth 1 490x Chrome 490x Life Essence 2
Panda incubator 1 250x Titan 250x Hard Leather 1
Wolf incubator 1 250x Chrome 250x Hard Leather 1
Tiger incubator 1 250x Platinum 250x Hard Leather 1
Beastmaster, Craftsman Upgrade Gems Resources (Profession Levels 76-99) Dragon Tears
Pet Book <<Charring Halt>> 1 170x Vellum 170x Adamantit 50
Set of Pet Health Potions 1 90x Life Entity 90x Perfect Tenderloin 2
Dragon’s cocoon 1 2500x Fire Entity 2500x Ruby 2500x Life Entity 2500x Vellum 300
Pet Experience Accelerator 200% 1 90x Perfect Tenderloin 90x Air Entity 15
Vales potion 1 2500x Oak 2500x Earth Entity 2500x Oak Leather 2500x Mithril 1000
Chest of Amusing Pet 1 130x Life Entity 130x Oak Leather 35
Set of Pet Stength Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Fire Entity 2
Set of Pet Agility Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Air Entity 2
Set of Pet Mobility Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Water Entity 2
Set of Pet Stamina Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Earth Entity 2
Set of Pet Intellect Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Water Entity 2
Set of Pet Spirit Elixirs 1 110x Papyrus 110x Life Entity 2
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