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Skill Book Information

General Info

Below is the class tree. To pick the class you want at level 31, make sure to select the correct intermediary classes at level 9 and 15. Furthermore, keep in mind the following rules about skill books:

  • You can only read books of higher value. You cannot read Grade 1 Weakening if you have Grade 2 applied.
  • Green spell < Blue spell < Gold Spell < Purple Spell
  • However, a Grade 2 green spell is higher in value than a Grade 1 purple spell.
  • You can only skip intermediary book grades available in the bookstores. For example, if you have Grade 1 General Regeneration, you can skip reading Grade 2, and read Grade 3, because Grade 3 is available in the bookstore. Of course, you must be of the proper character level.
  • To read books above the grades listed in the bookstore (ei. Grade 4-6 General Regeneration), you must have the previous Grade in purple applied. Therefore, you need to have read Grade 3 purple, in order to read Grade 4 purple, and you must have read Grade 4 purple, to read Grade 5 purple.

Class Tree

Levels 1-9 Levels 10-14 Levels 15-30 Levels 31+
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