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Welcome to Fragoria

In front of you are the Lands of Fragoria,a beautiful world created by a mix of heroic sages of ancient Russia, and also modern tales. It's a beautiful and unique universe in which you can make your own history. So at this moment, you will begin your path...

How to Use this Guide

This guide contains information that all new players should know in order to be successful, and it is intended to be as short as possible. Only important stuff here.

As your first character, you should work to achieve the following goals:

  • Reach level 70
  • Select your favorite class
  • Raise a Pet
  • Feed your pet

The reason for these goals, is that at level 70, you will have access to more exciting parts of the game that have level restrictions. This will be explained more later. Lets get started!

Levels 1 - 10

The Tutorial and Beginning Quests

The game has a nice tutorial that is easy to follow in the beginning, so we'll skip going over the part. However, make sure you do the following and get all these free items from quests:

  • Understand how to use the map.
  • Obtain free pet cocoon.
  • Hatch the cocoon (either wait 24 hours or use the free Accelerator).
  • Obtain all the free blue items (and wear them) from beginning quests.

Chatting and Asking Questions

One of the easiest ways to find answers is to ask for them! So it's a good idea to get familiarized with the chat interface.

Chat Interface

More Quests

In the beginning levels, quests are the quickest and easiest sources of experience, so be sure to speak with all the NPCs that give out the quests. Generally, they comprise of these types of quests:

  • Search for Another NPC
  • Search for Item
  • Kill Monsters
  • Kill Monsters for Item
  • Guide Another NPC

Important Note: The quest color (green in the example) denotes the difficulty relative to your character level. What that means is that you'll have to travel to higher maps as you gain levels, in order to find green colored quests. If you notice the quest you are is white, try to skip them and move on to a later map (with higher-leveled mobs).


As a basic summary, there are 4x resource collecting professions, and 4x crafting professions. The crafting professions allow you to make different items ingame, with the resources you collect from the resource collecting professions.

As a recommendation, you should get the Beastmaster profession for your first. Many of the items crafted are crucial to growing your pet, and most items are binded to your character, meaning you will have difficulty purchasing it from other players.

Feeding and Growing Your Pet (And Leveling)

Play subscription minigames and trade any colored wallet signs for pet food/pet exp. To play, click the checkbox icon on the bottom right, then click "Copper Mountain" under the PvE Games tab, and click join.

After you've received signs, click My Wallet on the top of the screen, click "Sign of Varangian", and then click "Use". This will open the sign shop menu so you can see prices and available items. Finally, click the last button on the next popup screen (titled "Gems") to view pet potions. See image below.

Collecting Red Balls for Pet Food and Experience

This method of leveling is available only till you are level 10, so take advantage of it before you level up!

  1. Visit Pastures in Fragoville. The portal is at coordinates (16/-30). You must be in Fragoville before using the coordinates. Each map has a different coordinate origin.
  2. Collect Red Balls by killing the wolves inside the pastures.
  3. Trade Red Balls for pet food/exp or other items, with Exchanger Nikifor next to the pasture portal.

Visit the Red Ball Cave

Level 9 : Pick Your Favorite Class

At level 9, the game will ask you to pick between Shaman or Strongman, which are two subclasses that will lead to more classes as you level up. Here's a simple class tree along with basic description of final class:

  • Strongman
    • Soldier
      • Diamond Protector - large HP and defense against nonmagic.
      • Semiprecious Protector - large HP and defense against magic.
    • Warrior
      • Knight - strong physical melee attacks, weakens other physical attackers.
      • Berserk - strong physical melee attacks, able to close distance to enemy quickly.
    • Hunter
      • Spy - ranged attacks, lifesteals and debilitates enemies.
      • Front-line Soldier - ranged attacks, prevents magic casting
  • Shaman
    • Healer
      • Wizard - Weak attack, heals self and friendly players.
      • Herbalist - Weak attack, provides healing buffs.
    • Sorcerer
      • Fire Spellweaver - massive fire damage, boosts mana quantity.
      • Ice Spellweaver - massive water damage, regenerates mana.

So if you would like to be a Wizard later on, select "Shaman" at level 9, then "Healer" at level 15.

Level 11-20

Level 11: My Horse Disappeared!

The first horse you receive is only a temporary horse. Getting a permanent horse is easy. All you have to do, is visit Trade County in Fragotown, and you'll receive another free horse. Open your map and reach your way downwards towards the black arrow titled, "Fragotown". Below is an example route you can take if you are in Fragoville.

Once you're in Fragotown, open your map once more and reach the red square depicted below. The horse you'll receive is also included in the picture below.

Joining the Right Minigame

At this level range, you should try to join "easy difficulty" Nuts game.

While you are waiting for that minigame to start, you can also finish up on quests or visit the ball caves for level 11+.

Ball Caves for Levels 11 and Onward - Pastures

Magic Page 1
Pet Page 1
Pet Page 2
Craft Page 1

The ball cave in Fragoville mentioned earlier is only available till level 10. However, there are ball caves for levels 11+ around Fragotown, and they are called Pastures. The entrances are divided by level range, and a different Pasture exists for the following character level ranges:

  • Lvl 10-19
  • Lvl 20-29
  • Lvl 30-39
  • Lvl 40-49
  • Lvl 50-59
  • Lvl 60-69
  • Lvl 70-79
  • Lvl 80-100

Take a look below to see the different entrances around Fragotown (marked by the red circles with white cow outlines). As with the Fragoville ball cave, the NPCs that trades the balls for items are located near each of the entrances and will ask for different colored balls depending on the specific level range Pasture. Note that the pet food and experience bottles are on the Pet tab, page 1.

Levels 21-69

Improving Your Items

You'll find quests become increasingly more difficult. Follow these procedures to upgrade your items. It is recommended that you do not exceed +3 upgrades.

Item Improvement Window

Click on the Improvement icon on the Character page:


  1. Click Improve.
  2. Place your item in the center.
  3. If the required gems are in your bag, they will be placed automatically in the gem slots.
  4. Checkmark will be clickable once all required gems are in place.

A preview of the upgrade results will appear after placing the correct gems into the window.

OPTIONAL: Make friends! Join a Guild!

Although this section is optional, you will need friends and other players to share your goals! You will be more successful and earn more prizes for some group events later on in the game.

Understanding How Subscription Games Start

At this level range, you should explore different subscription games (minigames) to see which occur most often at your current level. The two most often-occuring games are:

  • Blue "Nuts" at levels 21-50 (select "Medium" difficulty)
  • Yellow "Kikimora's Den" at levels 51+ (select "Hard" difficulty)

First, lets understand how minigames start. The following rules apply:

  • If the maximum amount of players join, the game starts immediately.
  • If more than half of the required number of players join, then the game starts after 10 minutes.
  • Place your mouse over the subscription button after you've joined to see the number of players joined in the queue.


In the example above, it takes 10 players to start the game immediately, and only 6 to start it after 10 minutes. By cancelling and joining a different game, you can see which game is most likely to start.

Level 70 (and Higher)

Congratulations! You Reached Level 70!

So you made it to level 70! What now? Well, Fragoria is now a whole new place with many more exciting events to learn about and attend:

  • Daily Epic Game (Level 61+) - Earn Signs of Commander everyday!
  • Room of Terror (Level 70+) - Obtain Black and Fire Crystals for your Obsidian pet items.
  • Island of Thule (Level 70+) - Collect motorcycle parts, and eventually make a motorcycle.
  • Caravan Way (the higher level, the better) - Collect purple resources for crafting.
  • And many, many more!

I Have Some Emeralds! What Should I Do With Them?

Further into the game, you will probably start to accumulate wealth and Emeralds. So this section will mention what you should do with them.

The most important investment you'll ever make will be a Mighty Dragon. It's damage and speed is crucial to your life in Fragoria.

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