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Introductions to Crafting:

Crafting is an important part of the game. Via crafting, players are able to create useful items, that are sometimes not available except buying them with emeralds.

You can choose whichever craft profession you desire regardless of your character class..

Furthermore, after selecting one profession, you will have an opportunity to learn other professions later on:

1st profession ... costs 10 gold

2nd profession ... costs 30 gold

3rd profession ... costs 2k emeralds

4th profession ... costs 5k emeralds

5th profession ... costs 100k emeralds

6th profession ... costs 300k emeralds

7th profession ... costs 600k emeralds

8th profession ... costs 1000k emeralds

With the profession skills, the character will be able to collect resources items scattered in the land of Fragoria. The resources are needed for crafting items via recipes.

The Professions

All studied/learned professions can be seen in the skills tab of the character screen. Any professions can be reset (for 1000 emeralds).

Currently there are two types profession category and each of it have 4 professions:

Resource Harvesting Professions:

Forest Ranger: specializes in woods and grasses.

Magician: specializes in rare, "miraculous" resources, resins and liquids.

Ore Miner: specializes in mining ores, minerals, and precious stones

Tanner: specializes in collecting animal products.

Recipe Crafting Professions:

Alchemist: creates potions

Beastmaster: creates everything for pets: keys, cocoons of certain pets, food, Veles potion, slot opening potions and many other things.

Jeweller: creates rings, amulets and averters.

Witcher: creates arrows, shirts and books.

Craftsmen Teams

The Craftsmen Team are located in 4 different location based on skill levels and Recipe quality (colour)

1. Trainee Craftsmen with green recipes: Fragoville near Wizard of Tartar.
Fragoville Map

2. Apprentice Craftsmen with blue recipes: Fragotown in the Union of Craftsmen region

Artisans Country,Fragotown

3. Handworker Craftsmen with golden recipes: Fragotown in the Craftsman Union house (Near the region: Union of Craftsmen in fragotown)

4. Craftsman Craftsmen with purple recipes: Frost Town, inside the castle wall on the left

Head of Forest Rangers & Alchemist
Head of Magicians & Jeweler
Head of Ore Miners $ Witcher
Head of Tanners & Beastermaster

As it is noticed that each NPC holds two profession skills one from Harvesting profession category and one from Producing profession Category. Based on it, each NPC sells tool for his Harvesting profession and recipe for Producing profession.

It is not necessarily that the two profession linked to each other, therefore, not compulsory for the character to take both the profession at the same time

How to choose a profession

As mentioned above that the profession is categorized as Resource collection professions and Recipe making professions.

You will have to start taking profession either in Fragoville Team or Clicking on NEW SKILL icon at the end of skill page of your character profile..

What to choose....

You can decide your profession whenever you want.

If you have particular type of recipes that you like to craft, look which master hold the recipe and and what resources ingredient needed to make that recipe.. In summery, you need to have the profession from the master that hold the recipe and two other profession that is necessary to collect the resources ingredient for that recipe...

 Tip: Players tends to create multiple characters and accounts to have access to all type of profession. 

Levels/Stages of Profession

Each Profession has a skill level bar that indicates the status of training of that particular profession.

Each profession has the following levels:

1. Trainee can collect resources or create items of green quality

2. Apprentice can collect resources or create items of blue quality

3. Handworker can collect resources or create items of golden quality

4. Craftsman can collect resources or create items of purple quality

To Develop a profession:

1. Recipe Crafting professions: skill is developed with the help of a skill books that you can receive through daily quests from NPCs or can be purchased from the shop.

2. Resource Harvesting professions: by gathering resources or by buying skill books from Shop.

Resource Harvesting Professions


  1. Forest Ranger
  2. Magician
  3. Miner
  4. Tanner

Each of the profession has its own tool to collect its own resources

  1. Forest Ranger: Axe
  2. Magician  : Flask
  3. Miner  : Pickaxe
  4. Tanner  : Leather taking off knife

There are 3 varieties of each tool, depends on the durability and automatic collection

Tool quality Durability Where to buy Special feature
White 25 Corresponding Master --
Blue 100 Shop --
Purple 200 Shop Faster and automatic collection. it stops when the resources runs out from the depot


Profession Tool Ordinary Tempered Enchanted/Auto
Forest ranger Woodcutter image:Woodcutter.jpg
Magician Flask image:Flask.jpg
Ore Miner Axe image:Axe.jpg
Tanner Knife image:Knifes.jpg

Each tool reduces its durability every time it is used. Tools can be repaired the same way as ordinary items are repaired. Maximum strength tool guaranteed to fall by 1.

Only ordinary tools are found with the masters of profession, Tempered and enchanted resources are found in the Shop to be bought with emeralds.


Resources are special materials collected from different parts of Fragoria land or extracted from animals. It requires the presence of collection Tool of the corresponding profession in the backpack. Each profession has their own specific resource varieties to collect and cannot use another profession’s tool nor can they collect another profession’s resources.

Types of Resources

  1. Green resources: Middle land surface, Eastern Tract,Southern Stronghold, Western Land
  2. Blue resources: Sea forest, Northern Mountain, Frost Town, Frost Ville, All green caves
  3. Gold resources: All red caves
  4. Purple resources: Carawan Way

Identifying the Location of Resources

For the corresponding resources of the own profession: it can be seen in the mini-map by image:O_69_0_i0.png image:Resource.png image:O_64_0_i0.png image:tannersign.png

in case of Rangers
in case of Magicians
in case of Miners
in case of Tanners

All the profession’s resources are collected from Fragoria fields except Tanner’s resources which are collected from the animals.

The field resources can be identified by putting the mouse cursor on it and a box of information about the resources will appear:

  • Name
  • Profession lvl
  • Tool required

The deposits are scattered throughout the land, and appear some time after they were assembled. If the field resources are touched or collected partially, it will disappear after sometimes and reappear later..

Animal Resources

Belongs to Tanner's profession. Only the animals shows in the mini-map drops them. the resources falls randomly from 0-3 drops/group of the mobs. There is no relationship between character lvl and targeted monsters.

Quality of resources also apply on the mobs location.

Contents deposits

- Useful resource

- Garbage (the ratio of garbage and useful resource varies depending on your level of profession)

- A rare resource (for the chance to obtain scarce resources affect your level of profession)

Depending on your profession lvl, you may get from 2 to a max 20 resources per deposit.

Resources and weight

  1. Green resources: 0.1kg
  2. Blue resources: 0.3kg
  3. Gold resources: 0.5kg
  4. Purple resources: 0.4kg

Remember, with the character’s death, the resources are dropped out 100% from the backpack even if you are on a horse.

A character has the capacity to carry 10 kg at a time.
Here comes the usefulness of Horses, it allows extra 

50kg of resources in a special mounted slots in the backpack.

  • Golden Tariff allows you to carry extra 10% of weight on the character and mount

Recipe Crafting Professions

They have recipes that can be crafted

  1. Alchemist
  2. Beastmaster
  3. Jeweller
  4. Witcher

To advance in the profession

To advance in the profession: Skill books are found by doing the daily quest given by the corresponding master lvl or buying them from emeralds shop

Also, Fragotown Craftman union store also another special Daily quests for the collection of Special resource item needed for some recipe crafting. It can also be bought from the emerald shop


These are objects or means by which, in the presence of necessary ingredient and meeting certain requirements, produces wanted items or objects. Depending on the item quality there are 4 types of recipes

  1. Green recipes: Found with Fragoville Craftsmen union team, yields green items
  2. Blue recipes: Found with Fragotown Craftsmen Union team, yields blue items
  3. Gold recipes: Found with Fragotown inside Craftsmen union house, yields golden items
  4. Purple recipes: Found with Frost town's Craftsmen union team, yields purple items

Crafting/Obtaining items:

  • To craft an item, you need the recipe, its ingredient resources and have to hold the profession of the recipe.
  • Ingredients or resources collected by Resource harvesting profession.
  • To create golden and purple items you need additional special resource of that recipe profession(ie. crafting tools), collected from daily quest or can be bought from shop
  • Receipt may require a certain player’s level (eg. crafting gold skills book, player need to be level 70)
  • Recipe requires certain profession and skill level
  • Recipe greater then green requires certain location to be used (eg, purple recipe can only be crafted in craftshop in fragotown)
  • As a result of crafting, in most cases you receive a chest, containing an item
  • Item in chest depends on character that opens it to fit his level and class
  • Item from chest becomes immediately binded to the person who opened it
  • Quality of item defines quality of resources needed to craft a chest – purple resources for purple item chest and so on.

Example: temporary increase in parameters potions, pet related potions, ammunition and lot more...

image:recipe.png image:recipe1.png image:recipe2.png image:recipe3.png

How to Use Recipe?

To use or create item using recipe, it has to be put in a special cell present in the Item Upgrade icon.. image:Item_upgrade.jpg<---

Open Item Upgrade--> Tab Create --> Put the recipe in the center cell --> Make sure the necessary ingredients are in the bag--> Click OK

The image below shows the Item Upgrade window..

Upon placing the recipe in the central cell, preview of the recipe will show in the window and a preview of the resultant item will also be shown...And after putting the recipe in the central cell, it will look like the image on the right side.

YOU will notice that both the ingredients and recipe are kept in the backpack.

Item Upgrade Window
Creation Tab after Putting the Recipe in
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