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Tariff plans – it’s a kind of membership in the game on how you get some benefits.


Types of Tariff Plans

image:image_412.png image:image_332.png
Base Plan Golden Plan
Its free plan, have limited advantages compared to Golden Plan and is default to all players Its paid plan, additional benefits received, costs 15000 emeralds/ month, applies to all characters in the account and auto subscription can be enabled (by putting tick mark on the small box below), if service is not renewed, the account will become Base Plan and all the additional Bag tab contents will be send to mail
  • Bag 1 of 2 (one open tab out of two tabs options)
  • Personal form of trade and maintenance (on spot repair and buying ammunition and pet potions)
  • Bag 3 of 6 (3 open bag tabs out of 6 tabs options)
  • Loot auto collection
  • Personal form of trade and maintenance
  • Rebate 10% off on repair
  • Selective auto collection of loot
  • Announcement chat becomes free
  • Reveal resources location on world map
  • Ability to read mail when away from post
  • Can purchase lots from auction at any location
  • Character receives 10% more experience from all sources (killing mobs or quests)
  • Pet receives 10% experience from all sources
  • Person can take 10% more weight including mounts (meaning 11kg for char and with horse 55/110/220kg)
  • 1 additional Bank page (12th tab)
  • Character receives 10% more reputation for all actions
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