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Boss Events are part of the subscription system, but there are some differences in comparison to other subscription games:

  • First, they are held at a fixed time twice a day, but players can only join once a day.
  • Second, each day will feature a different game, and so there will be 7 different games.
  • Finally, the reward for these games will the Sign of Hero.

Game Schedule

The games will be active from 16:30-17:30 server time, and 21:00-23:00, on the following days:

  • Monday - Meadow of Sleepy Cat
  • Tuesday - Firebird's garden
  • Wednesday - Leviathan
  • Thursday - Water-Horse's Swamp
  • Friday - Three-headed worm
  • Saturday - Scrug
  • Sunday - Baba Yaga


To take part, simply queue your character in the subscription form on the day of the game. A team from each server consists of 15 people. If the game has all groups from each server, the game will start. If a server has more than 15 people, each new additional group of players will get a separate copy of the game. Therefore, multiple copies of the game can be running at a given time, if each had accumulated the required number of players and number of servers.


The main goal in this game is to kill the boss.

The boss is quite strong and has a range of abilities, so killing him with one group will be somewhat difficult. Therefore, each player has two tasks: kill the boss and to get more points. If the boss is not killed, none of the teams will be rewarded.

You will receive points for the following:

  • Player kills
  • Damage to the boss
  • Damage to the monsters

To reach the boss, you will need to unlock special doors. The key drops from monsters at the gate entrance. If you use the doors, they will open for 20 seconds, at which all players can go through. After, players will have to kill the monsters again to reacquire the key.


At the end of the game, you will receive signs based on your standings among other participants:

  • First Place = 80 Signs
  • Second Place = 70 Signs
  • Third Place = 60 Signs
  • Fourth Place = 50 Signs
  • Fifth Place = 40 Signs
  • Sixth Place = 30 Signs
  • Seventh Place = 20 Signs
  • Eighth Place and Lower = 10 Signs

Individual player points are summed when the boss dies.

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