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Subscription System

A redefined system of PvP and PvE gaming available for all different language-servers! When playing these games, you will be able to meet players from all servers since these games are "cross-server" locations!

There is a button on the lower panel (right most icon) used to access the subscription system and thereby apply your character for the particular PvP/PvE game. There is also a list of all PvP games (all existing except castle game) and PvE games.

The games will be categorized into different levels:Green, Blue, Gold, and Purple games and eligibility for each level depends on player Gear score

Player Selection and Groupings

Automated Groupings

Player Groupings: From all language-servers randomly picked by the system

Selection Criteria: The system will create groups for any particular pvp games depending on the
1. Level ranges 11-20, 21-30, 31-40...etc (1st filter)
2. Gear scores ( 2nd Filter)
3. Classes

Timing: Once the required number of players have applied for the game... the game will start.

a) Player’s character will be added to a player queue for that particular game.
b) The system will monitor all players (from all language servers) who are in line for the same game and once the required number of players are fulfilled, the players will be moved into the game fields. Once the game ends, the players will be teleported back to their original coordinates (prior to the game).

Not eligible: players with resources in his backpack

Manual Groupings

Manual Player Selection and Grouping:
In addition to the automated system of player grouping described above, the custom groups can also be manually formed:
Players can create groups for themselves and have their group leader to subscribe for the game, which would bring the entire group into the PvE game map. Once the game ends, the players will be teleported back to their original coordinates (prior to the game).

PvE Games Style:

Special dungeons with rare mobs/bosses... to be killed by group of players (same pattern as the spring event with Kikimora dungeon).

PvP and PvE Game Rewards

Players will receive badges depending on the game rarity/quality:
Green games: Green badges
Blue games: Blue badges
Gold games: Gold badges
Purple games: Purple badges

These badges will be a special currency added into the character’s account. There will be special trade form/window where you can purchase items for badges (these badges are totally different from the bronze/silver/gold badges currently in the game).

1. Items (and weapons) of rarity that depends on game's rarity/quality. Example: for golden games, you get golden badges and exchange them for golden items.
2. Reforging gems, level up/down gems - almost all items from the shop.
3. Character experience points
4. New boost gems that can be used on your items and will increase it's defence against players or against monsters (2 different gems)

How Prizes Are Distributed (PvP and PvE)

Distribution will be Based on efficiency (damage/killing/healing/other activities):
   The player who killed or damaged most will receive the highest amounts.
   Player who damaged less will receive less
Players who do not do much will be in last position and receive the least amounts of prizes (example: 3 badges)

These factors will apply for both winning and losing teams.

Therefore, all players receive some reward.

PvP game scenario Example:
a) A player lvl 35 with blue gear score subscribes for the game Nuts
b) The system will screen players range lvl 30-39 that are in line for the game Nuts and formulate a set of groups with players within a certain gear score range.
c) Once it detects a total of 20 players ...the game will start and players will be moved to the field. Once the game ends, the players will be teleported back to their original coordinates (prior to the game).
Depending on their game activities, the badges will be distributed to both teams

Q: Say my gear score blue, will I only be able to access blue rarity games and not other rarity games?
No, you can access games with the same color as your gear score and lower color rarity games meaning in your case, blue and green. For those who have purple gear score, purple rarity and all lower rarity (green, blue and gold) be open for them.

Q: Where will be the entrance to these pvp/pve games?
Anywhere and everywhere. Your character will be teleported to the field when all requirements are met, and once the game has finished, you will be teleported back to your original coordinates.
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