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If you run out of space in your backpack inventory slots, you can also use the bank to store additional items. The Bank can be found in Fragotown.

The first page of items will be free, and can store 24 slots of items. However, you can purchase additional pages for gold. A list of page costs will be posted below.


Opening/Accessing Your Bank Account

-Approach the Banker NPC and click on the NPC. In the resulting page, select "Bank," and your slots will open.

Moving Items Between Bag and Bank

- Click on an item (only while the Bank page is open), or drag the item from your inventory slots, onto the bank slots. The target cell must be empty, or you will receive an error dialog (There is another item in a cell).

Note of Caution: If you have both the bank and your character detail page open, double-clicking an item on the bank will equip the item onto the character, thereby binding the item (which means you cannot trade the item away to another player).

Bank Page Costs

  1. Free
  2. 10 gold
  3. 40 gold
  4. 90 gold
  5. 160 gold
  6. 250 gold
  7. 360 gold
  8. 490 gold
  9. 640 gold
  10. 810 gold
  11. 1000 gold
  12. Requires Golden Plan

Tips and Suggestions:

You are allowed 4 accounts on Fragoria. To save on storage costs (because the 3rd bank slot and onward is expensive), you can use your other 3 character accounts as storage. It will greatly reduce your inventory costs, than if you were to purchase bank pages from one character only. Also, don't forget to activate the second backback bag page (only 1 gold).

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