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Fighting - an important part of the game. For defeating enemies, your character gains experience and reputation, as well as wealth by collecting loot.

  • To start a battle you need to choose a target (another character or monster) and double-click on it. The character will attack the target with the equipped weapons.
  • To see what a character is armed with, click on the button "Details about the character" File: Faq 056.jpg

Modes of attack

There are two modes of attack that can be changed by clicking on the icon on the panel next to the hot keys.

  • File: Faq 058.jpg Auto-attack on - when Auto-attacking, the character will attack her target automatically.
  • File: Faq 059.jpg Auto-attack off - when turned off, the character will only attack the monster by double-clicking it.

See also PvP-mode


When the enemy dies, it will drop a bag of loot, which contains the player's reward. Loot may have different values, they may be ordinary garbage, quest items or something useful, armor or weapons. The bag with the loot looks like this File: Faq 078.png

  • To pick up loot need to come closer and double-click on the bag. A window will open and you'll be able to see what items are in the bag. You may then drag them back to you using your mouse, or double-clicking them.

Experience sharing

The first player or party to attack a monster, will get all the experience and loot. Players can help defeat a monster, but they will not receive the experience or rewards for that, because despite their help, it goes all to the first player or party who attacked the monster. If the player helps another player at a higher level, he will receive less experience.


Auto-loot can be purchased in the cash shop. It has 3 modes:

  • Collect everything.
  • Collect all but junk (gray'items).
  • Collect nothing.

Party loot distribution

The party may pick the following types of loot distribution:

  • Master - items of Green quality will go to the leader of the group, who will have the option to take it or give it to another player. Gray items drop to anyone.
  • Group - Items will be randomly distributed between players.

You can pick up the item from the group leader by double-clicking their avatar and choosing the appropriate item in the menu.

File:Faq 178.jpg

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