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Map of Caravan Way



World Evil - a reoccurring event at the center of Caravan Way (0,0), on three days of the week - Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 21:00 Server Time. If the bosses that appear are not killed by 24:00, they disappear. The bosses drop a loot, that goes to the leader of the winning team (or randomized if team loot mode is selected).


All bosses have these common characteristics:

  • Level 75
  • 70 000 000 HP
  • 38 000 Damage (including armor absorption).
  • Absorbs 75% of incoming damage

Each of the bosses has a unique ability:

Tuesday - 21:00

Red Devil - Every 20-40 seconds, boss inflicts 35,000 to 60,000 AoE (Area of Effect) damage to all characters within 20 cells.

Thursday - 21:00

Dragon - Two abilities:

  1. Every 40-60 seconds, boss has 50% chance to stun all targets within 20 cells, for 8 seconds.
  2. Every 30-50 seconds, inflicts 6000 DoT (Damage Over Time) physical damage, for 20 seconds.

Friday - 21:00

Koshey - Every 60-90 seconds, boss reflects 200% of character damage.


Boss drops upon death:

  • Pet Jewels (1st Generation) x 30-60 pieces
  • Character Book Chest of skills level 80+ x 3-5 books
  • Purple resources x 45 pieces per stack

Collecting Loot

  • Loot is distributed based on the loot mode selected by group leader.
  • The group (if multiple groups are targeting the boss) that wins the loot is determined by efficiency: the group that has the character with the highest efficiency, and is aggressive towards the boss, will win.
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