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The event involves Day of Love Quest(s) and Achievement(s) allows players to celebrate the occasion in February.


Quests for Event


  • You will need to acquire Goat's fur. In order to do so, find the goat in Middle Lands, respawning every minute, and kill it to get Goat's beef.
  • With Goat's beef come back to the "fire" in Fragotown [coordinates: (34/87)]. Click on the fire (a stove), and you get Goat's fur.
  • Return back to the Amur NPC and get in the award's Special costume.


Repeating Quest

In this task, you need to acquire Spirit of Affection. Each level range must visit a different dungeon to acquire the item.

Level Range Boss Location
1-12 Basement thug Robber's Vault
13-23 Bear Warrior Savage Caves
24-31 The right hand of the Castellan Castle Pantry
32-40 Bandit Patroller Robbers camp
41-55 Strong Zombie The yard of the Red Witch 3
55-61 Big Spirit Of Coldness White Worm Lair 3
61+ Sentinel Skull Winter Castle
70 Bloody Demon Gates of Night -1

Upon completion of the quest, you will be awarded 3 Rose Petals and 10 Gifts of love.

Cupid's Arrows

Repeating Quest

In this task, you need to acquire Essence of Affection. Each level range must visit a different dungeon to acquire the item.

Level Range Boss Location
1-12 A dry bookworm Boneforest
13-23 A cruel Palkan Konung's Tomb
24-31 A guard of the King Pack Wolf's Lair
32-40 Malicious Whitefish Poisoned Spring
41-55 Junior Priest Manfish Underwater Temple
55-61 A thrower of the remains Abandoned Bonekeep
61+ Commandant of Winter Fortress of Winter
70 Fiery Demon Gates of Night-1

Upon completion of the quest, you will be awarded 3 Cupid's arrows and 10 Gifts of love.

Achievements for the Event

Get the Dating Room Key

TO get the Key to the Dating Room, you need to fulfill the task under it

1. Put on the Costume: Get the suit and put it on

Can be achieve it by doing the Sacrifice quest

2. 100 Kisses: kiss 100 characters of opposite gender

The character must be wearing perfume (if female) or cologne (if male).

You cannot kiss the character if:

  • The character is not wearing Valentine's day costume.
  • You have already kissed this character in the past 5 minutes.
  • If the target character is not wearing perfume/cologne.
  • If the target character has the influence, Courtesy.

3. Arrow of Love: Use Cupid's arrows at 10 characters of opposite gender.

You cannot hit your target if:

  • You have already shot the character.
  • You are not wearing the Valentine's day costume.
  • Your target has already been shot by someone else.

4. Step up the rose petals

Use rose petals at 10 characters of the opposite gendre.

5. Honor of ancestors. Eat 10 different candies.

Task: You need to buy Tribute to Ancestors from Amur Exchanger in Fragotown and give it to Ancestors. In return you get candies from them. You will have to contact all ancestors. Once you eat the candy, you will not be able to get the same one.

NPC Coordinates Location
Ancestor Emelyan (-27,-6) Boneforest
Ancestor Antip (151,59) Robber's Vault
Ancestor Timothy (17,-78) Savage Dens
Ancestor Athanasius (29,286) Middle Lands
Ancestor Titus (-161,-326) Konung's Tomb
Ancestor Arkhip (-206, 229) Middle Lands
Ancestor Porphyry (-159,158) The Castle (vault), middle land
Ancestor Oleg (111,75) Middle Lands
Ancestor Martin (88,-272) Middle Lands
Ancestor Kuzma (-25,67) Middle Lands


Have a date in the dating room

Go into the dating room, and you'll receive a kitten pet.

Romantic Date

In order to obtain this achievement, you must go to the dating room and activate all the objects. The guest room is a room for two characters of opposite sex.

The room has the following items and the needed number of gifts of love to activate them:

  • The creaky iron bed 100
  • White piano 75
  • Table with candles 75
  • Fireplace 50
  • Carpet 50
  • Curtains 50
  • Butterflies 50
  • Flowers 50

When activated, the character will begin to interact with the items. The reward for activating all items in the room will be a dog with a bow.

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