Using the Hotkey Bar

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Using the Hotkey Bar

For a quick access to items, potions, pets or skills you can assign them to a slot on the Hotkey Bar.

There are 2 Hotkey Bars. The first panel is located at the bottom of the game screen and it is best used for quick access to frequently used skills. The second panel is located right next to the players list.

First hotkey bar

You can put skills in this bar. To remove skills you have previously placed on this bar, simply hold down shift and drag the skill out of the bar. For an easy access to skills you can change the hotkeys settings to assign different keys to the shortcuts other than the default keys, for example, you can use a skill on the first slot by pressing a custom key you assigned in the hotkeys setting. To do this, open Keyboard settings and select the tab Panels, now you can change the keys used to activate the slots 1,2,3, etc. or F1, F2, F3, etc.

Second hotkey bar

The second side hotkey bar is not visible until you activate it. The second bar acts the same way as the first, you can put anything you want in it: pets, potions of mana, life or status boots, teleport scrolls, food and experience for the pets, etc. The Hotkey Bar makes it much easier and more convenient to use items than opening the bag and looking for it there. By default, the slots are binded to the keys 1, 2, 3, etc. But they can also be overridden in the configuration tab "Appearance".

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