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Island of Thule consists of several cross-server pvp locations. The "Battle for Cash" event will take place in these locations. According to the results of this event, three players will receive a reward in real-money currency, and there will also be occasional emerald prizes.

Before the start of the event, the website front page will have a special banner, which you can click to get more information about the current event. Basic rules will be provided, including stage dates and times.

Game play

Entrance from Fragotown

In the announced day and hour, there will be three pier portals in the city of Fragotown, from which you can go, alone or in groups, to the island of Thule. Some important points to remember about this event are as follows.

Exchanging Prizes

The NPC Bard Bayan will appear to exchange additional rewards.

Map of Thule Island

Location Map

After going through specific portals on the piers of Fragotown, you will be teleported to the Island of Thule. The island is comrpised of 5 locations, including:

  • Thule Catacombs
  • Thule Glacier
  • Thule Barracks
  • Thule Mountains.

Within each location there are several portals that can teleport you to other parts of Thule.


In these locations, only group mode will work. If you have not gathered a group in EN server, then it can be done on the locations. You may group with players of any server.


Here you will meet two types of enemies:

Thule Inquisitor: strong bosses. Will drop Purple Medallions as loot. Thule Guardian: more numerous. Will drop Spirit Spheres as loot.

Mobs appears every 15 minutes after the previous death.


Kill the island guards and collect the spirit spheres.

These in turn can be redeemed for purple signs from the NPC Bard Boyan.

2 spirit sphere = 1 sign

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