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It is a game between three teams. Each team has its own base with a flag that is located on three sides of the map. The goal is to bring the required number of flags from opponent's base. Has 3 difficulty levels; green, blue and red.

The game consists of three phases.

How to Join

The player have to subscribe/join the chosen difficulty level game through the subscription system. Once the minimum required number of players has gathered, the player will be teleported to the game field.



Phase duration: 1 minutes

The subscription system will teleport the player randomly into one of the three base with Mercy of God effect lasting for 1 minute.

When the game starts, players present under one base will be grouped as a team.

Group size depends on the difficulty level of the game

  • Green (easy) and Blue (medium) games- 5 player on each side (minimum 3)
  • Red (hard) games- 10 players on each side (minimum 5)

In the game, team members are identified with their colored tags on the character: Blue, Red and Green.

At this phase, the player cannot move beyond his team base...

15 seconds before the end of the phase, the timer appears on the centre of the screen indicating the time remaining before the phase ends...


Phase duration: depends on difficulty level

  • Green and Blue game(easy and medium) - 10 minutes
  • Red game (hard) - 20 minutes

Second phase starts with screen message "Battle" followed by removal of the iced all and opening of the passage that connects the base. On the map presents different buffs like any otehr games

Death and resurrection

The player is resurrected after 1 seconds of its death at special points of resurrection with full HP and Mana and 2 minutes of mercy of god's effect.


Points efficiency are awarded for:

  • Killing enemy players from other teams
  • Bringing the enemy flag to own base

Before the end of the phase, players are required to bring certain numbers of flags to own base in order to win

  • Green (easy)- 5 flags
  • Blue (average) - 7 flags
  • Red (hard) - 10 flags

Capture the Flag

  • You can take the opposing team' flag only
  • Only one flag can be carried at a time
  • Time taking the flag effect- 5 seconds, diverts any incoming damage or spell
  • When carrying the flag, an influence appears that slows down the carrier by 25%

At the time of flag delivery, own flag has to be present on the base. Once it is reported to the base, the enemies flag will transfer back to the enemy's base.

If the flag carrier dies/departs or clicks on the influence, the flags will fall on the stop.

  • In this case, the time of taking the flag is set to 2 seconds
  • If a member of own team picks the flag, he can take it to own base
  • If a member of opponent's team picks the flag, he needs to take it to its own base
  • If after 30 seconds no one picks the flag, it will be automatically returned to its base

The Mechanism of Action of Inactive Player

Beginning of second phase of the game if a player remains inactive for more than 3 minutes, a flashing message will appear warning of disqualification. If the player do not response, he/she will be moved out of the game with the effect "Coward" - that restricts him from playing in next 30 minutes

Game End

After 20 minutes or on bringing the required number of flag on any base.

The team with highest score, Number of points displayed on a pop up window ends at the end of the game. Prior to that, it can be accessed by clicking on the timer.

Participants are given certain numbers of signs depending on rank. Signs depends on the difficulty of the game.

Players will be after Mercy of God effect for 30 seconds after which they will be moved into their native servers on same place they were on before the game starts.

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