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A special PvP game made to pit guilds against each other so that the strongest guild in the server can be made famous.
Fragotown Entrance Coordinates: (-75, -25), Sunday 21:00 Server Time

The game consists of a rectangular land, with a castle in the middle, enclosed by a moat. There are four bridges that allow access to the Inner Castle. The playing field has 4 entry points in the game (they are the points of recovery and the location of the resurrectors).

Entrance into the game is in Fragotown, the Archer's County, in north-western corner of the town.

The grouping for The Castle game is unique since the game is meant to be a guild versus guild game. The following rules apply:

  • Groups made prior to The Castle game will stay the same, if all members are of the same guild.
  • If multiple guilds are grouped, the group will be broken upon entering The Castle grounds.
  • Once inside The Castle game, inviting members of other guilds is prohibited.



The Castle game is scheduled to run every Sunday, 20:00 Server Time. Players will have 5 minutes to enter the game, from 20:00 till 20:05. After 5 minutes, entry in the The Castle game is blocked. Furthermore, after 5 minutes, the inner walls of The Castle will open, and scoring will begin.


The winner is the guild with the most points at the end of the game. One point per second is awarded to the guild for each member standing within the inner walls of the Castle.

Scoring Zone

Generally, points are awarded from standing inside the walls of the Castle. However, there are some areas known to be excluded from the score zone. Counting 3 spaces upward from the lower wall, that region does not award points. Therefore, stand on the 4th space and upward. Furthermore, locating the broken wheel cart on the top right of the Inner Castle, spaces past 1 space from the right of that cart will not award points.

Therefore, the scoring zone can be imagined as a square, with the top + left inner walls as the top + left boundaries, and the imaginary spaces described above as right and bottom boundaries.


The name of the guild that captures the most points in The Castle will be displayed on a special statue, installed in the center of Fragotown.

Purple Signs

Guild members of guilds in the following placements will receive the corresponding number of purple signs as reward:

  • 1st Place: 150 Purple Signs
  • 2nd Place: 100 Purple Signs
  • 3rd Place: 90 Purple Signs
  • 4th and Lower: 50 Purple Signs


The Castle also features its own section of achievements. The list, along with the descriptions and current status of completion, can be seen under "PvP-games" in the sub-heading, "The Castle" of the achievements section.

The following achievements are currently available:

  • Winner - You must be in the winning guild.
  • Second place - You must be in the guild placing 2nd.
  • Third place - You must be in the guild placing 3rd.
  • Crackling bones - Kill 500 players outside the inner walls.
  • Get out of here! - Kill 500 players inside the inner walls.
  • Strong Gedriht - Win 3 games in a row.
  • Brilliant Gedriht - Win 5 games in a row.
  • Victorious Gedriht - Win 10 games in a row.
  • Slasher - Deal 1,000,000 damage.
  • Ouch!!! - Heal 1,000,000 HP.

Entry Into Royal Feuds (Castle-2)

The guild leader of the 1st Place guild will be able to select the members entering Castle-2.


The game has no limit on the number of participants.

The size of the group is the usual - 15 player group, but each guild can create more than one group. In general, there is no limit on the number of participants from each guild.

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