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Pet a character's companion that is able to:

  • help in difficult situations
  • protect you during a fight
  • strengthen your character
  • weaken the opponent (both monsters and players)


About pets

The pet passes the following stages: the Cocoon, the Cub and Adult. Adult pet can couple three times a life, giving birth to a cocoon of the second generation pet. The second generation pet cannot couple and breed. It is possible to get rid of the pet immediately and irreversibly by throwing out its icon from a backpack, just as anything.

One character can have only one active pet simultaneously – the one in a pet cell on character. But in a backpack the character can have any quantity of pets and cocoons, limited only by the backpack volume.

A pet can be named at any moment of its life after its birth from a cocoon, and the name is easy to change. Names of char's pets are not unique but the general list of the forbidden names extends on them.

The pet cannot be transmitted to other characters other than by Auction.

Pets need food. In the pet's description under a health scale there is a green colour scale 1 – 100, showing the degree of its satiety. Satiety of the pet lowers faster when it’s in a fight and slower when it does not fight.

image:Cacoon.png The Cocoon

The 1st cocoon will be received from doing quest. If you wish for more, it can be purchased in the shop, at the auction, from Hunters outside of the pastures in Fragotown and even from crafting. It is possible to receive it as a award from PvP game. Pets of different species can emerge from a cocoon: wolf, tiger, panda or rarely dragon. Thus all cocoons of pets look equally image:Cacoon.png.

  • To receive a cub from a cocoon, it is necessary to place a cocoon in a special cell on a char's profile. For this purpose the character should not be under tenth level. In 24 hours (real time) the cocoon will hatch a cub. It is possible to make its birth faster by means of a special elixir "the accelerator of a birth for pets" image:Accelerator.png. It is also possible to increase the chance of birth of a desired kind of cub by purchasing a cocoon basket image:Basket.png (there is a special basket for each kind of pets).

The Cub

The cub is a small pretty creature with remote similarity to the future adult pet. The cub can be male or female. It follows its owner everywhere. The cub is not attacked by monsters and does not get harmed by other characters attacks, either direct or indirect. If the character uses a scroll of teleport the cub is transferred with the owner.

While the cub grows, it receives slots for armour and weapon and cells for studying abilities. Becoming adult, it stops receiving new cells and slots and after that it can be improved only by association with companions.

Satiety and experience at cubs

A companion cub has 100 points of satiety. If companion cub satiety falls to 0, the cub feels tired and falls asleep. To wake it up the owner has to use a special item – “an awakener” (can be gained in the village Fragoville or in the city Fragotown). To avoid it, an owner should feed the cub with a special forage. The forage can be several kinds.

  1. - Small slices of meat - accessible as a loot from the cows grazed on the Pasture.
  2. - Small slices of meat with vitamins - accessible in the shop.

When eats a special forage for growth, the cub grows from 1 to 10th level. During transition between levels it can receive ability and equipment slots. The cub can receive experience only receiving special meal which can either be purchased or received as trophies from the monsters. With every 5 portions the cub gets 1 level. When 11th level is reached the cub turns into the 11 level adult pet and can help its owner in fights.

Each level requires 500 units of experience.
Standard potion adds only 25 units.
On each level 20 small bottles with 
such experience are required. Small
bottles of experience which give at
once 500 units of experience can be
bought in the SHOP or received from
the task or in "the Wheel of Fate ".

The adult pet

The adult pet is a creature like the usual large monster in size. As well as a cub the adult pet follows the owner everywhere. The adult pet has cells for studying abilities which it has received at small age or by eating other pets.

The pet receives experience together with the character and grows in level. The pets can not outgrow its owner in level. The adult pet can have 4 (6 for a dragon) own slots of equipment - the weapon and an armour.

Pets can mate at levels 15, 20, and 25.

Characteristics of pets

Pets have the same characteristics characters have but their level growth differs. Characteristics of pets grow the following way: from birth each pet has Stat of growth of the characteristic.

Gaining a new level a companion receives 1 point on each of characteristics. Thus, this point is multiplied by significance of an indicator of growth for the given characteristic. For example: at a mighty dragon significance of parameter of growth for the characteristic "force" - 15; at each level the final received significance for the characteristic "force" will be equal 1 х 15 = 15;

Endurance of companions always has the maximum indicator of growth, with allowance for specific bonuses of companions.

Characteristics growth

The characteristics are the parameters of the pet's growth (force, dexterity, endurance, mobility, intelligence and spirit) which increase with the level growth. Also these parameters influence an actual value of the characteristics, received by the pet from clothes and weapon, and also own pet's characteristics according to the table of pets characteristics.

The growth of the pet's characteristics can be improved using the mechanism of improvement of pets. Limiting significances are indicated in the table below.

The table of limiting significances of the characteristics growth, quantity of the slots and cells for spells
Kind of the pet the growth Sum of the Characteristics the maximum amount of the Characteristics growth The maximum figure of the growth characteristic the maximum number of slots and spell cells at birth
F L En M I S
Wolf, 1 generation 20 40 6 6 10 6 6 6 4/4
Panda, 1 generation 20 40 6 6 10 6 6 6
Tiger, 1 generation 20 40 6 6 10 6 6 6
Wolf, 2 generation 32 55 9 9 10 9 9 9 4/4
Panda, 2 generation 32 55 9 9 10 9 9 9
Tiger, 2 generation 32 55 9 9 10 9 9 9
Dragon, 1 generation 30 65 11 11 10 11 11 11 6/6
Dragon, 2 generation 40 85 15 15 10 15 15 15
*F - force, L - dexterity, En - endurance, M - mobility, I - intelligence, S - spirit

Specific bonuses of pets

Each kind of the pets has specific bonuses which strengthen some pet's characteristics and weaken the others. Usually the pets have 2 such bonuses and 2 influences. Mighty companions have 2 more influences. Also a kind of the pet influences the quantity of additional health and armour. Spices bonuses of pets by types are represented in the table below:

The table of specific bonuses of pets
Kind of pet Value of bonuses
F L En M I S
Wolf, 1 generation 1 0 0 -1 0 0
Panda, 1 generation 0 0 1 -1 0 0
Tiger, 1 generation 0 1 -1 0 0 0
Wolf, 2 generation 2 0 0 -2 0 0
Panda, 2 generation 0 0 2 -2 0 0
Tiger, 2 generation 0 2 -2 0 0 0
Dragon, 1 generation 2 -1 -1 0 0 0
Dragon, 2 generation 3 -1 -1 -1 0 0
*F - force, L - dexterity, En - endurance, M - mobility, I - intelligence, S - spirit

The experience and the growth of the pet in levels

When 11th level is reached a cub becomes an adult - its appearance varies. It receives other abilities and possibility to fight together with the owner. Sharing fights with the owner, the companion gains a own experience equal 65 % from the experience gained for the same fight by the character (this experience is not deducted from experience of the character, the character receives its full experience). The companion cannot has higher level than its character-owner. It is possible to equip the companion with the weapon and armour and to train new abilities using books.

If the pet got too injured or hungry he falls asleep and hides. To wake it up the owner must use “the awaker”.

It is necessary to feed an adult companion regularly as well as a cub. If its satiety falls to 10 or lower, it becomes such hungry and unfortunate that it cannot fight and at the first gained blow it falls asleep. To wake it up the owner must use “the awakener”. When your pet is too hungry he writes you "Please feed me. I'm hungry"

Armour and the weapon of pets

If the adult pet has necessary slots, it is possible to equip it with the weapon and the armour. Armour sets and weapons for companions have different characteristics so there is always a possibility to pick up the required things for each pet. The Maximum quantity of slots for the armour and the weapon is 4 for the Panda, the Tiger and the Wolf, and is 6 for the Dragon. Pets’ items are subject to the same rules, as characters’ items.

To open armour and weapon slots it is possible to use the mechanism of the pets improvement or to purchase (for emeralds) Warrior potions which opens a cell for guarantee in a shop. It is also possible to craft warrior potions using recipes and resources. The recipes is found with Owner of dragon farm in Fragotown.

Abilities of pets

While growing pets gain potential to study different abilities. Abilities of pets are studied with the help of special books, Magic Potions, purchased from Shops or crafted from a recipe found with owner of dragon farm that requires resources.

Management of your pet

The companion (your pet) can indicate behaviour model:

  • Aggression - attack all targets within reach.
  • Defense - attack only targets attacking the owner.
  • Passive - does not attack, only follows your character
  • Attack - attacks the targets indicated by character.
  • Return - pet returns to owner and goes into Defense mode.

The control panel of companion (your pet) automatically appears on the screen over the panel of hotkeys as soon as the companion becomes active.

  • At a click on an icon the companion executes corresponding action.
  • As soon as the companion disappears or falls asleep the icons of its special attacks and spells disappear.

The pet in fight

In fight the pet attacks the same targets which are attacked by its owner (if ”not allowing to attack” behavior model is not indicated). If the pet is injured in fight, its health can be restored by the special elixirs sold by the sorceress or in "Trade and Repair". If the pet looses all its health in fight, it disappears and hides in the cell of the character, and the owner gets the message: «your companion has got tired and has fallen asleep». To wake it up the owner has to use a special item - ”the awaker”. “The awaker” responding speed is 1 second, cool down time for “the awaker” - 5 minutes. Protection and attack of the pet can be increased by having purchased a special weapon and an armour. Pets have a quantity of equipment and the weapon slots.

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