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In the lands of Fragoria there are a variety of animals, bandits, gangsters, Horde, monsters underground, navyaki and bloodthirsty Hydra. They have occupied the mountains and forests, climbed into the deep dungeons and have built mighty fortresses along with defenses. And the noble heroes and wisemen know the foes they must face.

The aggressiveness of the monsters will be shown through the colored circles, encircling their foot level. Colored circle around the creature matches the color of his nickname: the red circle indicates an aggressive mob and yellow, peace.


Types of Monsters

Usual Monsters

Rare Usual Monsters

Elite Monsters

Rare Elite Monsters

Underground Elite Monsters


Common Facts About Fragorian Monsters


To view the monster's level, click to highlight the monster, and look at the number next to their name. Generally, killing monsters of the same level as your character is the most efficient way to level in terms of time and effectiveness. To kill higher levelled monsters, fighting in a team will greatly ease the ordeal.


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