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Legend of Fragoria Map

Welcome to the Legend of Fragoria. To win, your team must destroy the enemy team's Heart of Dragon. Your warriors that spawn in small groups and attack the enemy base will follow three major routes. There are two lines of defense in front, consisting of towers and walls. You must destroy the first line, and only then can you attack the second line. Defensive buildings can be upgraded to increase attack and durability. You can use scales before the game starts to upgrade. After the start, upgrades cost emeralds. Scales are obtained by destroying enemy buildings and warriors. There are also two neutral camps on the map - gain control of them to make inhabitants of the camps fight for you. Furthermore, players can wake up the master of the lands - the great Stone Dragon. To do so, capture the altars at the northern and southern parts of the map, and activate the statue. The player that activates the statue becomes a creature of great power for two minutes, dealing massive damage to buildings, and boasting additional health. However, that player cannot use skills. If neither side wins after 27 minutes, attack and speed of all characters begin increasing till they reach a maximum cap.


Heart of Dragon
Level Gearscore
25-34 2241
35-44 3331
45-54 4363
55-64 5520
66-74 6615
75-84 7705
85-100 9133

You can only subscribe to this minigame individually, and without a group. 10x players are required to start. Group formation is similar to that of the Arena. Different level ranges have minimal GS requirements as specified on the chart to the right.

Every base has Heart of Dragon statue. Goal of the game is to defend you Heart of Dragon, and destroy the other team's Heart of Dragon. Game is separated into 3 phases: Preparations, Battle, and Reward phases.

Phase 1: Preparations

First - Preparations, lasts for 30 seconds. Characters are influenced by Mercy of Gods and split into 2 teams, 5 players each. Teams are mentioned as red and blue, every team has one "base", which is situated on opposite sides of the map. During this stage, gates that separate the base from the rest of map are closed.

Phase 2: Battle

Red Defensive Tower

When the second phase begins, you can go through your base's gates, but cannot pass through the other team's gates. Bases are connected via a long passage with a number of fortifications the belong to the teams. These fortifications can be upgraded by special Legendary tokens that drop from monsters. Legendary Token

Among them are gates, walls and two types of towers that attack single targets with a physical damage, and that attack through AoE (area of effect) magic damage.

30 Seconds : Mobs

30 seconds later, near the Heart of Dragon, 3 groups of monsters will spawn. Every group has 3 melee monsters, 3 range monsters, and a healer monster that heals his group. These 3 groups will spawn every 30 seconds till the end of game. After spawning, the monsters start moving towards the enemy base in order to destroy the Heart of Dragon. Along the way, they will attack fortifications, monsters, and players of the opposite team. When the enemy's Heart of Dragon is damaged, catapults start to spawn on the attacker's base, one at a time and following the same route as the monsters.

2.5 Minutes : Camps

Uncaptured Camp

There are also neutral camps marked on the map. 2.5 mins after the start of phase 2, they become available for takeover. Camps are protected by neutral monsters. After they are killed, the camp can be captured by entering the special zone inside the camp. Capture takes 10 seconds, during this time a special progress bar appears. Capture progress can be interrupted if a character of the opposite team enters the same zone. After this capture, the process should be repeated. When the camp is captured, it spawns monsters allied to the team that captured the camp, and the monsters start moving toward enemy's base in order to destroy the Heart of Dragon. When these monsters are killed - they do not spawn any more. Another 2.5 mins later (so 5 minutes after start of phase 2), camps are disabled and cannot be captured for next 2.5 mins. And these 2.5 minute blocks repeat till the end of the game.

10 Minutes : Altar

10 minutes after the start of phase 2 an altar becomes active. To activate it, you need to capture 2 zones that are marked on the maps just like the camps. If a team has captured both zones - a character can use the altar. Altar activation takes 5 seconds, and the character that activates it becomes a boss that has extreme characteristics, different from character's. Boss effect disappears only after death, and the character that was affected by it resurrects as usual. 20 minutes after the start of phase 2 altar becomes unavailable for 10 minutes, and so on, till the end of game.

25-30 Minutes : Damage Boosts

If the game does not end, damages change after some time:

  • 25 minutes - damage of all monsters, pets and characters increases by 500%
  • 28 minutes - damage of all monsters, pets and characters increases by 2500%
  • 29 minutes - damage of all monsters, pets and characters receive maximum speed

Damage of characters, pets, and monsters are calculated by special formulas.

Phase 2 does not last more than 30 minutes, and the final phase begins soon after - Rewards.

Phase 3: Rewards

Winning and losing team each receive a different set of rewards.

Winning Team Losing Team
Item Amount Item Amount
Gold x80 Gold x30
Upgrade Gems x7 Upgrade Gems x3
Purple Medallion x1 Purple Medallion x1
Crimson Gem x5 Character Experience Cup x1
Concentrated Pet Health Potion x1 Pet Experience Cup x1
Sign of Commanders x40 Sign of Heroes x20
Lifespring Pet Food x1 Vial of Mana x1
Random Purple Gear x2 Random Purple Gear x1
Ammunition Set x1 Decanter of Health Potion x1
Titanium Skeleton Key x1
Ruby x20
Rhodium x20
Papyrus x20
Silk x20
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