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The goal for this PvE game is to pass three successive locations, each requiring specific tasks and killing the final boss.


General Information

1. East and Average difficulties require 5 people. The game lasts 10 minutes.

2. Hard difficulty require 10 people. The game lasts 20 minutes.

Log into the game through a system of subscription.

To enter the game, you must have a healer in the group and a warrior.

Death and Resurrection

  • After death, the characters are resurrected at certain locations, and the area where he was killed is indicated.
  • Resurrection occurs automatically after 7 seconds.
  • At the point of resurrection, the player appears as a spirit. The point is surrounded by an impenetrable wall, which disappears after resurrection is complete.
  • Character is resurrected with full HP and MP. Mercy of the Gods is imposed for 10 seconds.


The game has three successive locations. To move to the subsequent location, the player(s) need to meet certain conditions and to defeat enemies.

Forgotten Ancestor

In the first zone, Forgotten Ancestors are spread before the entrance.

  • 10 Ancestors
  • Aggressive
  • Elite
  • Invulnerable to incoming damage
  • Imposes a delay on the character

They can only be eliminated with a spring cake, which are taken from nearby locations.

Afterwards, the ancestor will pass on to the next location.


At the entrance to the bridge, there is a three-headed serpent that uses 3 skills:

1. Sizzling Breath

  • An announcement appears: "Three-headed serpent screams: Burn in Hell!"
  • 3 second cast time
  • After casting, damage is inflicted on characters in the zone for a duration of 7 seconds.

2. Summon the Dead

  • An announcement appears: "Three-headed serpent cries: Bring them into the abyss of my servants!"
  • 3 second cast time
  • In random, but accessible locations close to the targets, boss monsters appear. Causes significant damage and slows target.

3. Sparkling

  • An announcement appears: "Three-headed serpent cries: The Flame!"
  • 3 second cast time
  • The target is inflicted with an influence that causes fire damage, and increases in damage when the character moves.

The death of the boss results in loot drop of embers.


After the bridge there is the Snowman boss. It must be melted by fire, which is ignited using hot coals.

Special Abilities:

1. Ringing Frost

  • Boss periodically causes small damages to nearby targets.

2. Storm

  • An announcement appears: "Snowman yells: Yes you will absorb the storm!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Players in the area around the boss are inflicted significant damage.

Tree Goblin

Can only be killed by a pitchfork. Invulnerable to all other attacks.

3 Special Abilities:

1. Inaccessibility

  • An announcement appears: "Kikimora yells: You are useless!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Activated when the boss has less than 10%, 5%, and 1% HP. So, the ability is activated 3 times per battle.

2. Enchanted Poleshko

  • An announcement appears: "Kikimora shouts: Here is Enchanted Poleshko!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • The boss throws logs at a random place, causing damage to nearby targets.

3. Dummy

  • An announcement appears.
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • A zone of destruction is created around the target. All the characters are inflicted damage every second of the duration. Duration of ability is 7 seconds.


Reward in the form of experience and Signs are calculated by the standard rules of efficiency.

From the bosses from oblivion Spirit, falls a Chests, distributed according to the normal rules trophy distribution.

The following prizes may be dropped:

1. Signs

2. High-quality pet food

3. Potions of experience for baby pets.

4. Fireworks

5. Pet Cocoon

6. Cocoon of Mighty Dragon

7. Black Horse

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