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Mighty Pet

Mating of 2 ordinary pets will produce a cocoon for mighty pet. A mighty pet belongs to the same species as its "parents" and has basic attributes, armor and weapon slots, and ability slots but it is stronger and bigger. The armor, weapon and ability slots opened are random to all pets. Some will have 1, 2 or 3 armor or weapon or ability slots opened. Some will have all slots opened and some will have no open slot. Mighty pets cannot produce offspring. The strength of all pets depends on the available slots opened, the armor and weapon used, and the pet’s ability of choice.

Mighty pets may be owned by players at low levels, but players are unable to use them until the player is at least level 25.

Devouring/Upgrading Pets

Devouring is a very important part of pet upgrade.

You can improve your pet's GR by upgrading it.

Ungrade in fact comes by one pet devouring another. This option is available from Dragon Farm Owner in Fragotown.

Usual chance of successful upgrade (with only Small Key) of common pets is 40% and 60% for mighty pets, but with Catalysts it can become up to 100%.

Pet Devouring Tree

Rules: Babies can't devour another pets

And please review the scheme before starting:


Comment: Arrow from one pet to another means that first pet can devour another. Find the pet you upgrade and the pet you devour on scheme and if there is an arrow between them – devour is possible.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade a pet come to Dragon Farm Owner and choose “Upgrade pet” in the dialogue menu.

Put the pet you upgrade into first slot and the one you devour – into the second slot. Put Small Key and Catalysts into corresponding slots.

In the form it will be written what GR stats can be upgraded.

Rules When Upgrading GR

A pet can devour a GR stat which is equal or higher to his own.

  • If a wolf with 4 spirit devours another with 4, 5, 6 or 7 spirit – he will get his spirit upgraded by +1, so it will become 5.
  • If he devours a wolf with spirit 1, 2 or 3 – his spirit won't get upgraded.
  • If he has spirit 4 and dexterity 4, and the wolf he devours has spirit 4 and dexterity 5, then he will randomly get +1 GR stat for either spirit or dexterity.

A successful upgrade will only increase GR by +1.

  • If you were able to upgrade a pet, and with the above requirements fulfilled, then the GR will increase by +1 only.
  • If your pet's strength GR is 6 and upgrade is successful, your pet's strength gr will become 7.
  • If the devoured pet had GR of 8, and the pet that is being upgraded has GR 5, your pet will only gain +1 (GR 6)
  • For this reason, you must carefully plan the sequence of devouring to avoid wasting pets.

Limits for GR stats

  • All pets have 10 Stamina as default. Stamina can't be upgraded.
  • Common pets (wolf, panda and tiger) have limit of 6 per GR stat.
  • Mighty wolf, panda and tiger have limit 9 of GR per stat.
  • Common dragon has limit 11 per stat.
  • Mighty dragon has limit 15 per stat.

What does a GR give you? In fact you have 3 stat columns in you pet's form. Abs is a sum of you pet's own stats and stats he gets from items GR is a Growth stat and can be upgraded as described above and Data is a result of formula (Abs*(GR/10)) So in fact pet with GR = 5 gets only 50% of Abs he has. Mighty Dragons with 15 GR sue 150% of their stats. And Data is the final number that affects pet's damage and everything else.

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