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General Info

Hyperborea Entry Portals

Hyperborea is a new map inhabited by aggressive level 90 monsters that carry new resources. Monsters appear at random points every 15 minutes. Every 2 hours a special boss appears that drops x2 more resources than regular monster. Resources automatically go to the Alliance bank of the character that killed the monster.

The map is accessed by alliance guild members. Entry portals are located in alliance ground.

Resources for Glory Items

Those resources can be spent to create new Glory items. There are 8 types of resources dropped from specific monster. Each monster drop 8 units of resources.

There are 6 items for each class: helmet, pauldrons, armor, gloves, pants, boots. Items have same amount of stats as Mirrored items do, but bonuses are different and especially selected for each class.

Monsters and their dropped gems
Elite name Dropped glory gem
Risen Bandit 8x Amber
Defiler 8x Diamond
Evirat 8x Amethyst
The enemy 8x Jade
Titanid 8x Lazuli
Wheel of Doom 8x Topaz
Tom Rider 8x Obsidian
Robber 8x Pearl

Glory Item Bonuses

When you put on 4 items of Glory - set is activated. Set bonus is the same as Mirror bonus. If you put on 4 items of Glory upgraded to +12, you will activate additional bonuses that affects not only you, but also your entire party if it consists of 5 or more characters. If there are several characters with the same set bonuses in the party - the effect will not sum up.

Class-Specific Bonuses

Here are the bonuses:

  • Front-line soldier - increases evasion
  • Ice spell weaver - increases crit chance
  • Fire spellweacer - increases damage and heal
  • Wizard and Herbalist (spirit-oriented) - increases healing spells effect
  • Wizard and Herbalist (intelligence-oriented) - increases crit chance
  • Spy - decreases enemies' armor
  • Berserker - increases weapon mastery value
  • Semiprecious protector - increases critical evasion chance
  • Diamond protector - increase protection
  • Knight - increases hit chance

Creating Glory Items

Items can be created by Great Lord only. Created items will appear in the Warehouse and can be given to any character.

Only level 2 Kremlin building and upwards can see Crafting tab on the Kremlin building.

Items crafted depends on the level of Kremlin building:

  • Level 2 - boots
  • Level 4 - pants
  • Level 6 - gloves
  • Level 8 - armor
  • Level 9 - pauldons
  • Level 10 - helmet

Converting Mirror Item Into Glory Item

You will need Glory gems to convert Mirror items to Glory items. And glory gems can be purchased from Yar NPC for 13,000 emeralds, 1000 Signs of Commander and 1 Exchange letter. Exchange letter can be crafted in Kremlin and requires 12 pieces of each alliance resource.

  • To reforge Mirror item +10 you will need 3 Glory gems
  • Mirror item +11 - 4 Glory gems
  • Mirror item +12 - 5 Glory gems

Glory Gear vs Mirror Gear

Glory Items of Diamond Protectors

Glory Helmet of Diamond Protectors Glory Helmet of Diamond Protectors Glory Armor of Diamond Protectors Glory Pants of Diamond Protectors Glory Gloves of Diamond Protectors Glory Boots of Diamond Protectors

Glory Items of Semi-Precious Protectors

Glory Items of Front-Line Soliders

Glory Helmet of Front-Line Soldiers Glory Helmet of Front-Line Soldiers Glory Armor of Front-Line Soldiers Glory Pants of Front-Line Soldiers Glory Gloves of Front-Line Soldiers Glory Boots of Front-Line Soldiers

Glory Items of Spies

Glory Items of Fire Spellweavers

Glory Items of Ice Spellweavers

Glory Items of Wizard Healers

Glory Items of Wizard Warriors

Glory Items of Berserkers

Glory Items of Knights

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