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To contact the tech support or report something to the moderators, it is often necessary to attach a screenshot. In this article you'll learn how to take and save screenshots.

For PC Users

Step 1 : Creating the Screenshot

First, look for the Print Screen or PrnScr key. Often this key is next to Scroll Lock and Pause/Break. Pressing this key will copy the contents of the screen to the clipboard. There is also the option to hold ALT and press Print Screen. In this case, the clipboard copies only the contents of the active window, i.e. only the game window. Snapshot taken, now we need to paste it somewhere. To do this we will use the standard software included with all versions of Windows. It is called Paint and you can find it at:

Start-> Accessories-> Paint

Run it. In Paint, go to the Edit menu and select the item Paste. Your snapshot will be pasted on the screen. Now click on File, then Save and you'll be able to specify the folder you want to save to, the file name and format. The recommended formats are JPEG and PNG. And that's all, the file is ready and can be sent by email or posted on the forum. If there is a limit on the size of the file and you want to keep the whole picture, you will need to use the stretch / tilt (Stretch / Skew) from the menu (Image). You will then specify how much you want to stretch the image. Recommended values are 5-10%, in most cases this will be sufficient. Increasing these values, you risk losing the readability of text on the picture. After all the changes, save the file as described above.

Source: the forums Fedun

Step 2 : Uploading the Screenshot

This step will take the image you created in Step 1, and upload it to a 3rd party server so you can provide a link that can be shown to other people.

Visit this website: and upload your image using the upload functions of

Note: You may use other websites like

For Mac Users

Mac users have an easier way to take screenshots:

simultaneously press the Shift + apple + 3 and it'll take an snapshot of the entire screen

simultaneously press the Shift + apple + 4 and it'll take an snapshot of the selected part of the screen

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