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Regular cross-server PvP game between teams from two language servers.

Each server player has to defend their statue and at the same time attack the enemy's statue. If one statue is destroyed before the time ends - this server automatically loses. If by the end of time both statues are still standing - the server with the highest statue HP wins.

Joining the Holy War

At the start of the each game, an NPC will appear in Fragotown (-60/-43), next to the arena circle. One of them sells tickets for the game, and the other - sells ticket for observer. With tickets players from participating servers will be able to enter the Temple of Kitezh.


The winning side receives the following prize packs depending on gearscore color, via mail post:

White/Green GS

  • 100x Gold

Blue/Gold GS

  • 100x Gold
  • 100x Purple Signs

Purple/Orange GS

  • 100x Gold
  • 100x Purple Signs
  • 15x Orange Badges
  • 15x 1st Gen Jewels of Stamina
  • 3x Random 3rd Gen Jewels


In zones 1 and 2 are entry & resurrection points of the players. In zone 3 there are observers.

This map has 2 statues - holding the flags of the corresponding country server. Statues are like sanctuary gates, one hit by character/pet results in 1 damage to the statue.

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