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Guild - a union of players who share common interests. The guild master or player with the correct rank can invite other players to the guild. To join a guild, become acquinted To join the guild to get acquainted with its master or a person with the authority to invite the guild.

In the list of players your guild members are displayed in green.


Maximum number of members in the guild is 200. The cost of creating the guild = 1000 gold.

Creating a guild

To create a guild, you must:

  • Come to town Fragotown and go to the Town Counselor
  • View menu and select the Create Guild
  • Enter the name of your guild, and then click OK.

Members of a Guild

Once you are a member of a guild, you can access the guild page

1) Click the "Society" button: File:Guild1_EkNa.png

2) On the following page, click the icon of the hand on the top left: File:Guild2_EkNa.png‎

There are several functions on the page you have just landed on.

The list of members you see are the online members. However, you can also view a list of offline members by clicking: File:Guild3_EkNa.png

The button now looks like: File:Guild4_EkNa.png‎

You can see a complete list of guild members.

Depending on your guild rank/position, the following buttons may appear


In order from left to right, they signify the following:

  1. Invite to the guild
  2. Remove from the guild
  3. Raise rank
  4. Lower rank
  5. List of ranks (roles)
  6. Change guild's master
  7. Dismiss guild

Guild channel

Once a guild is established, you'll see a new chat (guild chat) in the chat bar, which is only visible to the players of the guild.

Ranks in the guild

By clicking the List of ranks (roles) buttons, different guild ranks can be renamed or reassigned additional privileges:


Purpose of a Guild

A guild will provide group support for tasks that would otherwise be more difficult if attempted alone. The guild will be especially helpful for pvp occasions since group killings are always more efficient.

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