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Effect Settings
  1. Animation Quality:
    • High - version with animation of 12 frames per second
    • Medium - Animated version 6 frames per second
    • Low - Animated version 1 frame per second
  2. Animation of monsters:
    • max - to show all kinds of monster animations
    • min - the minimum necessary to show animations of monsters
  3. Person models:
    • Specifies the number of different models of each character (from one - the very first appearance, five - a golden doll).
  4. Weapon types:
    • min - displays the minimum set of animations of attacks and expectations
    • max - shows all the attack animations and expectations
  5. Improve effects quality:
    • Enables or disables animated quality effects
  6. Improve objects quality:
    • Enables or disables the replacement of some facilities more resource
  7. Show FPS:
    • shows frames per second in top left on game
  8. Show coordinates:
    • location of the character in the map
  9. form of the skills description
    • gives a description of your skills in the toolbar
  10. Show castbar for all:
    • views the name of the spell over the character when it is casted
  11. Chat font size:
    • changes the chat font size from size 10 up to size 15

Settings to Reduce Lag

Settings that Reduce the Chances of Lag:

  1. Animation Quality: Low
  2. Animation of Monsters: Min
  3. Character models: 1
  4. Weapon types: Min
  5. Improve effects quality: Low
  6. Improve objects quality: Unchecked/Disabled
  7. Show FPS: Unchecked/Disabled - shows frames per second in top left
  8. Show coordinates: Unchecked/Disabled - shows coordinates on map
  9. Skill description form: Unchecked/Disabled
  10. Show castbar for all: Unchecked/Disabled
  11. Show circles under characters: Unchecked/Disabled
  12. Show description on person mouseover: Unchecked/Disabled
  13. Show title of casting spells: Unchecked/Disabled
  14. Show received gold: Unchecked/Disabled
  15. Show Highlight HP on damage: Unchecked/Disabled
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