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Efficiency - is the main system calculate awards in PvP games .

General Provisions

The efficiency system considers basic actions, which makes any player during the game:

1. Standard efficiency

  • Damages the enemy.
  • Successful treatment.
  • The successful imposition of a positive / negative spells.
  • The use of various consumables.

2. Additional efficacy

  • Killing the enemy.
  • Perform special action, depending on the type of game (carry the flag, hold the flag, etc.)

The combination of these conditions may be different in various games.

Notes :

  1. Success means the action which has changed condition of the purpose. For example, treatment is considered successful, if the purpose had distinct from maximum value of health,and after treatment has come nearer to that.
  2. Calculations on efficiency system are influenced by indicator of gear score.

Influence of reward

Each system efficiency accounted action of the player are converted into a points system, which are summarized at the end of the game, whereby a player takes a position in the ranking.

On the amount of rewards ( tokens ) is affected:

  1. Place character in the ranking of effectiveness.
  2. Win or lose the team - the winning team receives more than a loser.
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