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Recommended Settings

The following settings will allow for higher game performance.

Basic Settings

Average Laptop. Video card with support for DX 9.0c and 512 MB (nVidia GF 8400, 8600, 210; series ATI HD 5400 or equivalents):

  • Screen size up to 1024х768 (1280х720 for widescreen displays).
  • Shadow - low.
  • Smoothing - off.
  • Vertical sync (V-Sync) – optional.

Medium Settings

Gaming Laptop. Video card with DX 9.0c and 512 MB - 1 GB (nVidia GF 8800 series, 9600, 220, series ATI HD 6500 or equivalents):

  • Any screen resolution.
  • Shadow - average, with good performance - high.
  • Smoothing - 2x - 4x.
  • Vertical sync (V-Sync) - enabled.

Maximum Settings

Video card with support for DX 9.0c and the memory of 1 GB (450 series nVidia, ATI HD 6600 series or higher):

  • Any screen resolution.
  • Shadow - high.
  • Smoothing - 4x - 8x.
  • Vertical sync (V-Sync) - enabled.

Guide to Set Up Unity3D Video Parameters for Fragoria

To open the settings menu, click on the icon of an eye in the upper right corner of the screen.

300px|thumb|center|Форма настроек изображения

Main Image Parameters

The main influence on performance is the screen resolution. At low FPS (at least 10), try to reduce the resolution.

Option for "3D camera" does not have a major impact on FPS.

Reducing Delays During Battle

To reduce delays in massive battles or to compensate for slow processor (CPU) try to disable display of names surrounding the character.

300px|thumb|center|Customize character name display

To reduce delays/lag, try to minimize the system/chat/combat log windows.

In full screen mode, the game requires higher computer resources than in windowed mode.

300px|thumb|center|Enabling full-screen mode

Select the graphics processor for computers with two graphics cards

If your computer has two video cards (integrated, that is included in the motherboard, and internal, which is installed separately), the game client can be run from an integrated graphics card, which significantly reduces the performance of the game. Below are the settings to solve this problem.

Windows XP

To install a certain graphics card as a priority, you must enter the BIOS and under Display Mode, select Hidden.

Warning! Changing the BIOS may have a serious impact on system performance. If you are not familiar with BIOS settings, do not change it yourself, contact a professional.

Windows vista / Windows 7

Instructions for ATI Graphics Cards

Open Catalyst video driver control panel, Control Center. To switch graphics processors, select the processor in the dropdown list at the top.

400px|thumb|center|Catalyst Control Center

After the confirmation window appears, change the settings, click Edit.

400px|thumb|center|Change Confirmation

Right click on the desktop and select Configure alternate graphics.


When the page opens, alternate graphics card, click select at the bottom right corner.

Next, open the game folder, select the file, click fragoria.exe open.

The application is added to the group, other applications.

Next to Fragoria, set graphics mode to «high performance».

400px|thumb|center|Select application

Instructions for Nvidia cards

Open NVIDIA Control Panel.

400px|thumb|center|NVIDIA Control Panel

Open Manage 3D Settings.

400px|thumb|center|Manage 3D Settings

Click on the tab Program Settings and then click Add.

400px|thumb|center|Program Settings

Then, specify the path to fragoria.exe and click open.

After Fragoria appears on the dropdown list, select your graphics card in the list of preferred graphics processors for this program.

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