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A PVE game consists of passing through several locations and killing several elites and bosses. The players will receive awards (signs) depending on their individual performance and game difficulty level.


  1. Green and Blue games (easy and average)- 5 participants duration: 10 minutes
  2. Red games (hard)- 10 participants and duration: 20 minutes

The game has only one phase consists of three series of exchangeable locations. Each location contain several groups of elites and bosses with rising level of difficulties - from simple to most complex. Closed gates are located between each zone, guarded by elites with special behaviors. Those elites must be killed and the gate destroyed in order to move to next zone.

On second location, a special passage with obstacle is located to judge player's reflexes.

Killing the last boss leads to the end of the game.


The group formed by the standard rules.

To enter the game, the group must include a header and a warrior.

Death and resurrection

  • After the death of the characters are raised at the 1st zone of the location where the character died
  • Resurrection occurs automatically after 7 seconds
  • At the point of resurrection the player appears as a spirit and surrounded by an unbreakable wall which after resurrection disappears
  • Character is resurrected with full HP and mana and 10 seconds of Mercy of God effect.


The game consists of ordinary mobs, elite monsters and bosses

  • Ordinary monsters found in first location- Cave
  • Elites in the second and third locations - Abyss and Abyss

Monster groups differ in numbers

Since monsters do not drop any reward, they do not give any experience.


Bosses are located at the end of each location. Killing the boss allows access to next location.

Enchanted Weapons

This boss is located at the end of the Cave

Characteristics of the boss: Spell - Wrapping

  • At the time of casting, the near channel will show the message " Echanted weapons preparing for crushing blow. Run!"
  • Casts for 3 seconds
  • During casting, the boss moves fast towards his target and inflicts significant damage with area spell consisting death magic.

Bewitched Guard

This boss is located in the Abyss, and is the semi-utlimate boss. Note: In Easy and Average difficulties, this boss is replaced by The Stone Flower, whose death ends the game for those difficulties.

Special Ability:


  • An announcement appears: "Enchanted Guard comes in a frenzy. Run!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Ability duration 7 seconds.
  • Piercing damage is greatly increased, but speed is also decreased.

The Stone Flower

Located at the end of the Abyss location. Note: In Easy and Average difficulties, Stone Flower is located at the previous location. His death ends the game for those difficulties.

3 Special Abilities:

1. Whip

  • An announcement appears: "The Stone Flower is furious. Run!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Ability duration 6 seconds.
  • Boss inflicts damage on two nearby targets, dealing death magic damage every second.

2. Malachite Pollen

  • An announcement appears: "From the stone flower pollen pours malachite. Run!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Boss selects a zone of damage in which the two characters trapped will be inflicted with Death Magic damage.

3. Stone Roots

  • An announcement appears: "From the earth sprout sharp rock roots. Do not move!"
  • Cast time 3 seconds.
  • Time of action 30 seconds.
  • After cast time, boss selects a character and puts an effect in the surrounding area. If the character stands still, nothing happens, but if the character moves, death magic damage is inflicted upon the character.


Reward in the form of experience and Signs are calculated by the standard rules of efficiency. From the bosses from oblivion Spirit, falls a Chests, distributed according to the normal rules trophy distribution.

The following prizes may be dropped:

1. Signs

2. High-quality pet food

3. Potions of experience for baby pets.

4. Fireworks

5. Pet Cocoon

6. Cocoon of Mighty Dragon

7. Black Horse

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