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General Description

A Bone Horse Bike is a mount introduced in August '14, that requires fuel.

Bone horse doesn't give bonus to character's weight carriyng but adds 2 bags. When Fire water is used as a fuel it can bring up to 1000 kg. Hell fire water - 1500 kg. Also new mount will be available in King's shop for 200 000 emeralds.

Also for your convenience mount will be shown under character's avatar so you can control fuel level.



To create a new mount - Bone Horse - you need to get a quest from the new NPC near Crafstmen Union. To complete the quest you need to collect some parts:

  • Engine. Can be produced in Alliance's Kremlin. Production requires resources from Hyperborea.
  • Spider web. Spider boss (Banshee) drops it with certain chance (not 100%)
  • Bag of gears. Can be dropped from bosses in red dungeons of Night gates and Prison of ancient gods.
  • Bone. Can be dropped from Unquisition in SC Thule locations.




The Bone Horse is the fastest mount in game but it needs fuel to run.

Buying Fuel

Next to new NPC you can find a gas station selling 2 types of fuel:

  • Fire water - adds 5% fuel to Bike's tank.
  • Hell fire water - adds 10% to fuel tank and gives a speed bonus.

Crafting Fuel

High-level Alchemists can create both types of fuel. Recipes are available in Frost town. You will need new resource - Raw oil, which can be found in SC locations. You will need Magician's profession to collect it.

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