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General information

This event is to celebrate New Year 2019. It consists of 2 parts:

  • Completing tasks
  • Boss-event "Hot-tempered Slashing".

You will rescue faraway land guests from death and help them fulfil their dreams. This will help you to receive powerful magic items as a reward.


1. Guests are being late! Talk to Town Counselor. He will tell you about ambassadors from faraway lands who are lost without a trace. He will send you to find the witch Gorguliya

Town Counselor

2. Road to the snows The witch Gorguliya will send you to her old friend Umrishcheva the Witch to the north-west of Northern Mountains, to Ledencovo;

Witch Umrishcheva

3. Very important people Umrishcheva the Witch will give you the info which will help you to find the trace of the missing ambassadors;

4. Mayday! We're sinking! Following the traces of missing ambassadors, you will find the threatening evidence of possible tragedy. However, you are one step closer to the answer. Probably, missing ambassadors found a shelter somewhere around;

5. Language expert You have found the ambassadors. Fortunately, everybody’s fine but they are in the magical trap. Umrishcheva the Witch has arrived at the place too and will help you to solve the mystery;

6. Making the wishes come true Magical stone which guards the prisoners will lead you further and will offer you to speak to the ambassadors;

7. The way to the place where brave men live Livtrassyr will ask you to find his family sword. You can find it killing monsters in level global cross server dungeons except for Misfortune fields;(Note: For Gates of Nights, should enter global cross server dungeoun)

8. School of warriors Livtrassyr has always dreamt of being a true warrior. He will give you a special magical item that allows you to save all the battle experience. You need to fill this item with the experience by taking part in PvP games at Arena;

9. Livtrassyr's epiphany Livtrassyr got answers to his questions. As a reward for input in his destiny, the gods will grant you 2 Weapon charming Runes;

10. Necklace of the Goddess Liv, the wife of Livtrassyr, wishes to get the Greater Necklace;

11. True Art Blacksmith of Heaven living in Heaven, will help you create this Greater necklace. You need 500 of Mithril, 1500 Perfect gems. Perfect gems drop from Cold crawlers in the Frost Mountain game;

12. Liv's epiphany Liv understands the true meaning of her wishes now. As a reward for your participation in her destiny, the gods will grant you 3000 Crimson Gems of Chance;

13. True champion Leyf, son of Liv and Livtrassyr, wishes to receive Engraved Goblet of the Champion;

14. All that glitters is not gold Kostya the White, a suspicious owner of the Drunken Vampires Inn in Western Lands organizes competitions. You need to take win in Sledge races 5 times and you will receive the precious Goblet as a reward;

15. Leyf’s epiphany A young man saw the truth. As a reward for input in his destiny, the gods will grant you 600 Tickets of Fortune;

16. Greater mistery of all piglets Liuv, a small and immortal talking piglet. She is a present, which ambassadors brought to Fragorians. Moreover, she is ready to tell you her wish, too. She wants you to take care of all piglets in Fragoria. You need a comb for that;

17. Scratching day Brother Demian will make a Comb for you if you bring him the Remedy against Body pain for his horses. You need a recipe to make this remedy. You can buy it from Umrishcheva the Witch. Also, you’ll need the following ingredients: 2 Philosopher’s Stones, 350 of Life Essence, 350 of Water Essence, 350 of Chrome, 350 of Sap.

Making all the wishes come true, you will receive the achievement New Year Magician and 1000 Silver scales.

After completing the chain of the quests, you will receive the following:

  • 2 Weapon charming Runes;
  • 600 Tickets of Fortune;
  • 3000 of Crimson Gem of Chance;
  • 1500 Silver scales.

After rescuing, the ambassadors move to the house in Fragotown. Liuv will exchange Silver scales for goods.

Boss-Event "Hot-tempered Slashing"

General information

The launch of the game takes place at cross server. The characters will be divided in 2 teams: red and blue.

  • The red team's aim is to leave the boss with the least HP.
  • The blue team's aim is to save maximum possible HP to the boss.

Buffs will help you achieve goals. There will be 4 for each team.


You can find the game in Event tab. You need at least 6 characters (3 for each team) and 10 characters for immediate start of the game (5 for each team). Two levels of difficulty are available:


  • 20-28 GS: 1853-4391
  • 29-33 GS: 1853-5422
  • 34-43 GS: 2378-7040
  • 44-51 GS: 2901-9200
  • 52-57 GS: 3425-10429
  • 58-62 GS: 3993-13969
  • 63-69 GS: 5800-18650
  • 70-73 GS: 7200-22894
  • 74-85 GS: 8200-23865
  • 86-95 GS: 9500-24525


  • 20-28 GS: 4391+
  • 29-33 GS: 5422+
  • 34-43 GS: 7040+
  • 44-51 GS: 9200+
  • 52-57 GS: 10429+
  • 58-62 GS: 13969+
  • 63-69 GS: 18650+
  • 70-73 GS: 22894+
  • 74-85 GS: 23865+
  • 86-95 GS: 24525+
  • 95+ GS: 25000+

Maximum GS is considered only. If the estimation of your character is lower, you won’t be able to take part in the game on this level of difficulty. (Note : You are not allowed to change your clothes while in the game,if your "GS" exceeds the value for this version (level of difficulty) of the game, you will be forcibly be evacuated from the game, and a "Coward" will be imposed on you) Transition to the game appears without confirmation window.


The game has 3 phases.


Duration: 15 secs. Characters are matched in the teams and they are separated from the main game zone. Characters are buffed with Mercy of the Gods.


After the gates are opened, the Mercy of the Gods casts away. The buffs appear.


Buffs are places as follows: 6 in the main zone (3 for each team), and 1 for each team in the lobby. Places for the first 6 buffs are random at the beginning of the game and will be the same till its end. You cannot take buffs of the opponent team. The characters with the buff have some restrictions. The character has to bring the buff to the boss and click on it, after that the boss starts using the ability, and buff disappears. Buffs appear by timer:

  • Usual buffs appear:
    • At the beginning of phase 2
    • At 1 minute.
    • At 2 minute.
    • At 3 minute.
    • At 4 minute.
    • At 5 minute.
    • At 6 minute.
    • At 7 minute.
    • At 8 minute.
    • At 9 minute.
  • Special buffs appear:
    • At the beginning of phase 2.
    • At 2 minute.
    • At 4 minute.
    • At 6 minute.
    • At 8 minute.

If the character with the buff dies, the buff disappears until next respawn.



  • In a second after casting the buff:
    • Casts invincibility and invisibility on the boss;
    • The boss becomes untargeted by characters and pets.
    • The boss chooses a random target.
    • Deals damage with astral magic.
    • Repeats 5 times.

Crouching Wild Pig, Hidden Swine:

    • Boss teleports to the center of the map.
    • Boss doesn’t move but attacks accessible targets.
    • Becomes invincible for damage.
    • Duration: 10 seconds.

Piglet Perceived Talents:

  • Influence is invisible but takes into account all the damage dealt to the boss during 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds.
    • End shield animation.
    • The boss attacks and dealt damage equal to the counted by the influence.


    • Restores 15% of boss’s maximum HP.
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