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General Information

During the Christmas event, "Celebrate the Year of the Dragon" tasks and games will take place in a fabulous winter environment. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere and experience the wonderful winter world with its mystical creatures! The event goes until, and including, the 15th of January 2012!

Frost Mountain

Frost Mountain is a PvE game that will be available only during the Christmas/New Year's event.

To access the area, click the subscription games button and view the PvE Games tab.

Instead of being awarded signs, this game will award snowflakes, which is the currency for this New Year event.


The games are level-dependent, and groups can be formed based on the following level ranges:

  • 1-9
  • 10-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-90

10 Players are required to start the game.

Each group must have at least one healer, and one warrior present. From levels 21 and up, it is possible to register as a group.


  • Duration of the combat phase: 30 minutes
  • During this time, all three bosses must be defeated.
  • When the last boss is killed, the game is completed successfully and the prizes will be awarded.


Once each boss has been killed, the next scene and boss will be accessible. The defeat of the bosses brings about the end of the game.

Boss: Crack-Frost

The first boss exposes death magic upon nearby players, and water damage every 4 seconds.

While you look, the boss says the following messages on the screen:

"Crack-frost screams: Can't get away from me!"

  • All players in the wider region with the spell "slow" and "Steal of Life" occupied.

Boss: Ice Demon

For this boss, there appears two messages on the screen:

"Ice demon screams: Ice, give me power!"

  • To all players within a certain radius, death magic spell is inflicted.

"Ice demon screams: Let the storm begin! '

  • The boss is temporarily invulnerable and can cast the spell "Ice Storm".

Boss: Karachun

There are three messages displayed on the screen:

"The ground begins to freeze at Karachun on!"

  • The boss inflicts to all players in the surrounding area, 3 times the normal damage.

"Karachun cries: Play with my servants!"

  • Five elite mobs appear, causing significant damage.

"Karachun yells: Come enjoy my revenge!"

  • The boss has the ability, "100% damage return" for 10 seconds.

The last battle

With the victory over Karachun you will now witness Svarog's last battle at the Frost Mountain. Take part in this battle from a spectator's point of view. The rewards are given right after the dialogue is complete.


The reward in the form of snowflakes depends on the ranking (efficiency) of the player. The ranking will take into account:

  • how much damage has caused the player to mobs / bosses
  • how much healing has caused the player

The following is awarded for the corresponding rankings:

  • 1st Place: 10 snowflakes
  • 2nd Place: 9 snowflakes
  • 3rd Place: 9 snowflakes
  • 4th Place: 7 snowflakes
  • 5th Place: 7 snowflakes
  • 6th Place: 5 snowflakes
  • 7th Place: 5 snowflakes
  • 8th Place: 5 snowflakes
  • 9th Place: 5 snowflakes
  • 10th Place: 5 snowflakes

Pet players and receive no experience points!


Snowflakes are the most important currency in this year's Christmas/New Year's event.

You may also use emeralds and/or wallet signs:

  • 1 snowflake = 100 Emeralds
  • 1 snowflake = 2 purple signs, "Sign of Commander"

New Year's Chests

These chests can be purchased for snowflakes. You can receive the following items: Snowball (100% probability) Harnesses (50% probability) Fireworks (50% probability) Black Dragonscale Lucky charm (The chance to get a black dragon scale from the next chest is increased by 1%. The maximum is 100% chance.)

Winter's Tale

The event, "Celebrate the Year of the Dragon", takes place in a new map, "Winter's Tale," which will only be available during the event.

Snow Castle

The snow castle is in the winter wonderland of Father Frost.

This must be built by the players.

The construction process is carried out as follows:

  • Every day construction begins on the snow castle again.
  • For the construction of the castle you need snowballs, obtained from the chests.
  • To help with snow balls in the construction of the castle you must click on the Snow Castle.
  • The snow balls out of the backpack are then removed and the points credited to the character.

The castle can be up to 6 parts:

  • Snowman
  • Fortress
  • Christmas Tree
  • Mountain
  • Snow sculpture of dragon
  • Snow sculptures of various animals

30,000 snowballs are needed per part.

So you need a lot of diligent player hands to complete all parts of the snow castle building.

After completion of construction of the snow castle, Grandfather Frost's company decorate the Christmas Tree.

Any player who has participated in construction of a complete snow castle (and with "snowballs" achievement completed), will join Father Frost and be awarded riding harness.

Santa Claus

From 31 December 2011, Father Frost will journey every day at 12:00 clock to "Winter's Tale." There he congratulates Fragoria for the New Year. Every day at 18:00 clock he comes to the Snow Castle and admires by all the players who helped build the castle.


During the event there will be three mounts:

MountRequirementsLoad Capacity

40 harnesses200 kg

40 harnesses10 kg

Siberian Tiger
80 harnesses300 kg

God of winter

This NPC can be found on the map "Winter's Tale." With him you can buy the recipe for Black Dragon (10 gold).

Black Dragon

To make the recipe for a black dragon, you'll need:

  • 100 black dragon scales
  • 1 Mighty Dragon

The resulting black dragon:

  • has the same level as the original Mighty Dragon.
  • has the same GR ​​as the original Mighty Dragon.
  • has the same ABS as the original Mighty Dragon.
  • has an upper GR limit ​​of 19
  • can be fed any mighty pet.

The Black Dragon can only be created during the event!

The goat stays for the duration of the event in your wallet.


During the event there will be on the following maps, "snowball" bosses at level 75:

  • Western Lands
  • Seaforest
  • Northern Mountains
  • Frost Town
  • Frost Plateau
  • Carawan Way

On each map there will be respectively 2 "snowball" bosses.

The "snowball" bosses respawn every 3 hours (on the caravan route every 2 hours), at random places.

The "snowball" bosses each have 10 snow men as guards.

The bosses on the Carawan Way drop the following items:

  • Loots 5 with 10 purple marks "Sign of Commander"
  • 1 black dragon scale

The bosses drop depending on the remaining maps and may contain:

  • Sign of Commander
  • Purple Medallion
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