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Spring Festival - an event dedicated to the celebration of Spring season! On March 8, every Fragorian man will be able to offer his beloved woman a beautiful and useful gift. In addition, our world will be able to compete with the ancient evils for each one's right to live.


Spring Wreath Quest

Reoccuring Quest

Task Spring Revenge
Mission To kill two selective bosses in dungeons that corresponds to the lvl range of the character
Reward 50 gold coins

Purpose of these quest is to provide a source for the player of gold coins to plant the garden.

Growing Flowers

The player must purchase seeds of different colors, plant them at suitable place in fragotown, water them, and harvest. Seven different colors should be grown and gathered.

image:flower1.png image:flower2.png image:flower3.png image:flower4.png image:flower5.png image:flower6.png image:flower7.png
Dandelion Tulip Auricula Snowdrop Camomille Hyacinth May Lilly

Planting and Watering Flowers

Seeds purchased from the NPC Lelya, in Fragotown (-8,-18), should be planted by clicking them from the inventory and selecting a location.

When planting the seeds, there will be two flower conditions:

  • image:watering.pngWater Again - Countdown 120 minutes (waiting time)
  • image:watering1.pngWatering Needed - Countdown 10 minutes (watering time. If watering is not done within 10 mins, the plant dies)

To water the plant either with

image:pot.png Water pot 1 shot: sold with NPC Lelya (2 golds). Allows one time watering


image:pot1.png Water pot 6 shot sold in the Shop (1k emeralds). Allow 6 times watering instantly.

The flower will then need to be watered by the character every two hours, six times total starting after 2 hours of seedling. The result will be:

  • Once the Water Again timer reaches zero, the flower will Watering Needed
  • Under the Watering Needed condition: the flower needs to be watered.
  • Once watered, the flower from Watering Needed' condition turn to Water again condition
  • Once the Need Watering timer has expired with no watering, the flower will die.
  • If 6 times watering done, Watering Needed will not appear and player needs to pick the flowers withing 10 mins.

The flower can only be watered by the character who planted the flower.

Water Again will show charges starting from 6. Once reached 0 charge, then with watering will make the flower fully grown. The flowers is required to be picked within 10 mins or it will be disappear.

Create a Wreath

After gathering 7 grown flowers, the player is required to purchase a recipe for wreath from the NPC Lelya. Apply the resulting wreath image:wreath.jpg on the characters of opposite gender.

The wreath can be used if:

  • The target is of the opposite gender.
  • The Spring Wreath condition must not be activated.

When in use, the Spring Wreath icon will be visible.

Bear's Saddle

After applying the 10 wreaths on opposite gendre characters, you will receive Bear's saddle it will help you in taming the bear.

Achievements Spring Fest

Wake the Spring Up!

Reward : Brown bear
Brown Bear
Task Banish the Winter
Mission Kill Kikimora and get the Faded Sun
Reward Faded Sun image:fadedsun.png
Kikimora Dungeon
Kill Kikimora in the new dungeon (38,85) near the campfire (47,73) in Fragotown. The dungeon is an instance for 5 people and is divided into three different zones:

Zone One - Forgotten Ancestor

10 wandering aggressive ghosts. The only way to kill them, is giving them the cakes scattered in the fields to rest in peace. The door to 2nd zone will open

Zone Two - ArrowBridge

One end is guarded by a three-headed Dragon. Kill the dragon to get the Heated coal image:Heated coal.jpg. Do not take it lightly. His fire spells are something to think of.
Three Headed Dragon

The other end is guarded by Snowman with pitchfork. In order to grab the pitchfork image:pitchform.jpg, you need to throw the heated coals at the fire place near him. The buildup fire will hasten the ugly Snowman down.

Zone Three - Decisive Battle

Kikimora Boss
Kill Kikimora in the third zone, which can be killed only with a pitchfork. After death, the creature will drop Faded Sun image:Fadedsun.png. You can only have one and the item is non-transferable.

Task Light Up the Sun
Mission Lighten the sun in the spring fire and get a flaming branch.
Reward Flaming branch image:flaming.jpg
Fire Camp
Ignite the fire, in Fragotown (47,73). Dance around the campfire and sing a song. The player must approach the fire and apply Faded Sun. The condition of Asbestos gloves is then activated and the item cannot be removed. You can then get the burning branch image:flaming.jpg

Task Awake the Bear
Mission Awake the bear in his lair.
Reward Bear
Bear Lair
Enter the Bear Lair next to the campfire (42,88). You can only enter with a burning branch. The bear will need to be awoken with bear's saddle.

You can also obtain the items needed via the Shop.


Flower Love

Task: Get 100 bunches from men. Only for ladies!

Reward - a little Sky Lark. 40jpg

Flower Passion

Task: Get 500 bunches from men. Only for ladies!

Reward: - doggy trinket (Chihuahua).

Flower Insanity

Task: Get 1000 bunches from men. Only for ladies!

Reward - Antelope, driven over the animal.

Bouquets can only be purchased in Shop and can come in three types:

  • Bunch of Flower, 1 shot
  • Bunches of Flowers, 10 pieces
  • Bunches of Flowers, 100 pieces

Spring Festival Shop


For year 2019, we launched a traditional Spring event with a new twist.

The following changes will take place: You can seed in 3 locations: Fragotown, Eastern Tract & Northern Mountains.

Leyla sells items in exchange for flowers.

There will be a new additional item in the game called 'Stinking Poison'. It works in the Northern Mountains only, and you can destroy any plantings with the "Stinking Poison" after which you will receive 'Poisoned Flower' instead, which can be exchanged for 'Fire crystal' at Leyla. The price for 'Stinking Poison' in the shop is 3000 emeralds.

Have Fun!

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