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The game is a battle of two teams. The goal is to capture and possess a flag within the specified time. Prizes in the game depend on the efficiency of the player and for the possession of the flag.

The game is divided into 3 phases: Grouping, Battle, and End.



Duration of phase: 1 minute.

When you log into the game via the subscription system, the character falls at random into one of two teams. Appearing in one part of the location, the characters are imposed Mercy of the Gods, lasting until the end of the grouping phase.

After entering the game can be accessed using the special points of transition. All of the characters under a leader, define a group. Group size depends on the difficulty of the game: Easy and Average games (green and blue games) - 5 players on each side (minimum 3). Hard game (gold) - 10 players on each side (minimum 5).

Your inclusion into a particular team can be determined through the influence placed upon your character - Blue Team or Red Team. 15 seconds before the end of the group phase, the center of the screen will display remaining time.


Duration of battle phase depends on the difficulty of the game:

1. Easy and Average games(green and blue game) - 10 minutes

2. Hard game (gold) - 20 minutes

At the last 5 secs of the Grouping phase, there is another announcement that signals the coming Battle phase. Afterwards, the ice barriers are removed and passages to the center of the field are opened. On the map there are buffs similar to other games.

Death and Resurrection

The player is resurrected after 1 sec after death at special points of resurrection, and with a full supply of HP and MP. Mercy of the Gods is imposed for two seconds.


Efficiency points are awarded for:

1. Killing enemy players.

2. Carrying the flag.

Before the expiration of the battle phase time, the game is over if a group earns a certain number of points from carrying the flag. The number of point requirements depends on the difficulty of the game:

1. Easy (green) - 250 points.

2. Average (blue) - 300 points.

3. Hard(gold) - 350 points.

Points are awarded for the following: 1. Killing a player - 1 point. 2. Holding the flag - 1 point per second.

Capture the Flag

  • Located near the center of the map, on a special pedestal.
  • Players from both teams are all able to acquire the flag.
  • 5 seconds to acquire the flag. Damage is inflicted on the holder of the flag.
  • The flag puts an influence on the character, causing him damage every second. Furthermore, damage is inflicted every 5 seconds, and the intensity of the damage gradually increases.
  • If the character dies while holding the flag, leaves the game, or voluntarily discards the flag (by clicking on the influence icon on the top right), the flag falls to the ground.
  • In this case, it only takes 2 seconds to reacquire the flag.
  • If after 20 seconds, and noone retrieves the flag, it returns to the pedestal.

End Game

The game ends after the timer of the second phase ends, or if a team acquires the required amount of points from holding the flag/killing.

Participants are given a certain number of Signs depending on the place in the rankings, which are determined by efficiency points. Type of Sign depends on the difficulty of the game. Mercy of the Gods is imposed on the character for 30 seconds. After 30 sec, all the characters are transported back to the location in Fragoria from which he/she entered the game.

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