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The Fields of Misfortune is the lair of Likho One-eyed Luck, who cursed your Fragoshas and turned them into terrible Nightmares!

Dungeon Details

Characters whose Fragosha was turned into Nightmare, received experience bottles in their mailbox in the amount of Fragosha's level. You can bring your Fragosha back at Diev by completing Counselor's quest. You will have to get 10 Cursed Eyes, which drop from monsters in Fields of Bad Luck.

Character Level Ranges

Fields of Bad Luck is a dungeon for 5 characters, copies update 5 times a day. The dungeon has the following level ranges:

  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55-64
  • 65-74
  • 75-84
  • 85-94
  • 95-100


Here you will face the following enemies: Monsters.

  • Noonwraith Maiden. She casts madness on the hero for 5 seconds one time in 8 seconds.
  • Ancient Beast. This creature has 2 forms:
    • Shaman. After the monster appears near the hero, it chooses a random target and 3 seconds after casts Ice walls on 8x8-cell area and then damages all characters inside this area.
    • Mage. the monster mutes and disarms the target for 2 seconds.


  • Fortuneteller. The boss has 2 abilities:
    • Armor submission. Damages all characters in amount GS*10 at the moment. If GS reduces, the damage reduces as well.
    • Once in 10 seconds in 4 cell radius damages all pets.
  • Rustwallow
    • Once in 10 seconds with 40% chance casts DoT Torturing flame on characters. DoT has 10 times damaging index, which falls when moving. Right before the spell is cast you will see the inscription: "Be afraid of the witching fire!"
    • Once in 12 seconds the boss randomly casts the influence Rust. If you make a move, armor strength reduces for 30%. Influence can be cast off by Dispersing Evil and Improved Healing. Right before the spell is cast you will see the inscription: "Rust will swallow all your armor!"
    • Damages inside the 6 cell radius around him.
  • Guardian Asp
    • When Asp stands still is invincible, but cause damage around him.
    • When Asp starts moving, invincibility falls off, but every 2 seconds damage when moving increases for 50%
    • Once in 10 seconds with 40% chance mutes and disarms heroes for 5 seconds.
  • Shadow Horror
    • Once in 10 seconds becomes invincible and invisible, chooses the random target, comes out of the shadow and damages the target.
  • Likho - One-eyes Luck
    • Once in 10 seconds with some chance (depends on the magic resistance of the character) casts on characters "Bad Luck Curse", which reduces the main stats by 40% for 8 seconds.
    • Once in 6 seconds damages all characters and pets in 6 cell radius.
    • When 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 of boss HP left, some special abilities switch on:
    • Boss stands still and becomes invincible.
    • Boss casts the spell of 3 magical words in random order: Ankulad, Ankurad, Ankminad. These words are the clue. You can buy recipes of special elixirs at Sorceress in Fragotown. The elixirs are following: Beamy Shining of West, Tempting Glow of East, Shining Sun at Noon. You can find magical words in the description of these elixirs. You need to use these elixirs in reversed order of spellcasting.
    • If you did everything right, then Likho will stop using the following ability
    • If not, then Likho will transfer 2 random characters to The Gap

To enter every floor you need to collect 5 Nightmarish access keys dropped from monsters. The loot drops from each boss:

    • Weapon of purple rarity according to the level (1-5 items)
    • Upgrading gem
    • Cursed eye
    • Gem of chance

New abilities are available for Nightmare Pet. You can get them randomly from a special recipe. The abilities can be following qualities depend on the recipe: green, blue, golden, purple.

    • Orange fresh. Nightmare stuns and damages the target during the time the ability is active. Cooldown is 60 seconds.
    • Bracing slime. Restores HP to all members of the group.
    • Harmful steam. DoT is cast to all enemy targets within 6 cell radius for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds.

You can also get the Nightmare from the Broken box in the center of Fragotown.

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